Shoulder Treatment Bristol | Rotator Cuff Tear | Sub acromial Pain Syndrome | Frozen Shoulder | Shoulder dislocation | Bicep Tendinopathy

shoulder treatment

Shoulder Treatment Bristol | Rotator Cuff Tear | Sub Acromial Pain Syndrome | Frozen Shoulder | Shoulder dislocation | Bicep Tendinopathy


Shoulder treatment and physiotherapy treatment in Bristol and Barnstaple


Our Bristol and Barnstaple physiotherapy and sports therapy practitioners have been fixing people with shoulder pain for years.


Our specialist sports physiotherapy approach allows us to identify the problem and facilitate healing and rehabilitation of the affected structures.


Our tailored made treatment programs which can include exercises, stretches, acupuncture, joint mobilisations, compex, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and many other modalities are key in resolving shoulder pain.


For many this will be their first experience of shoulder pain and we soon realise how integral our shoulder is for every day life


And how much we use both hands for daily tasks.


Wash our hair, reaching on the top shelf or putting a coat on suddenly becomes the biggest frustration of the day and can leave us irritated With the sense that no one really understands what it’s like.


With night pain common with shoulder pain can spend nights staring at the ceiling wondering whether this could be something more serious and feeling tearful as pain and sleep deprivation, often for several months can start to pull us down.


Luckily shoulder pain isn’t often linked to sinister pathology but you should be checked by a professional who can refer you on if needed. A physio is fully autonomous and will refer you to a GP if you present with any red flags;”(features to you pain that may suggest non MSK origin of your symptoms) Any shoulder pain(particularly left) associated with chest pain/tightness, a feeling of impending doom or a crushing pain in the chest is a medical emergency and you should call 999.


The shoulder is a relatively complex joint and therefore it is helpful to have a professional navigate and differentiate potential causes of pain and structures that need to build strength.


This avoids wasting time on the wrong exercises or activities that may exacerbate inflammation or sensitivity.


Our experts will often provide pain relief by restoring balance of the rotator cuff and educating you on the healing process and how to facilitate rehab to reach your goals quickly.


Why not try our free survey to determine where you are on your journey and then book your free discovery call to see how we can help?

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