Why does my Shoulder hurt?

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Why does my shoulder hurt? There can be many reasons for shoulder pain. From trauma to repetitive strain to poor biomechanics. If you are into the science then read this "Why does my shoulder hurt" If you want to know about each condition check out www.physiowizz.co.uk or if you want to get it sorted call The Physio Crew, Fishponds today on 0117 9512328.  


What is Sports Physiotherapy?

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What is Sports Physiotherapy? All physiotherapists gain valuable experience and placements in 3 core areas: Neurological, cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Sports physio falls predominantly under musculoskeletal physiotherapy however may include elements of neuro and cardio. At the Physio Crew we are experts in Sports Injuries and provide local support for the England players based at Bristol Women's RFC including those who achieved exceptional success at the World Cup earlier this year.…

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