Post Op Physiotherapy

doctor performing operative procedure

Post Op Physiotherapy

Surgery should not be taken lightly as its often the last resort. It is important to exhaust all conservative management first as often, with dedication and commitment to physiotherapy many problems can be resolved without having to go under the knife.


Post Op Physiotherapy Aims To :

  • Restore normal ROM
  • Stabilise around a joint
  • Improve viability of tissue for optimal healing
  • Remove loose bodies or scar tissue
  • Reduce compression around a nerve or disc.

What To Expect?

All surgeries are different and require different types and duration of post op physiotherapy. ACL reconstruction will require more intensive physiotherapy than a bunion repair.

The fitter you are before the op the better so we will often prescribe pre op exercises to increase mobility and increase strength.

We are covered by most insurance companies so you will need to acquire an authorisation code before we commence treatment. We also see self paying clients who want to achieve the best result following surgery.

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