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PelviPower - Treatment For Incontinence, Back Pain And Erectile Dysfunction

Access innovative treatment for incontinence. Say goodbye to embarrassment and social isolation and return to a life of confidence, flattering clothing and freedom.

Incontinence is common BUT not normal.

Discover how others have returned to a life of adventure following long term symptoms.

We offer a FREE trial, simply click the link below or call 0333 567 0663.

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You don't have to put up with pain

We exist to help you


following a sports injury or life-changing trauma.

Our award-winning physiotherapy and sports therapy clinic does this by combining a holistic team’s professional skills with specialist equipment such as mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the anti-gravity treadmill and a specialist sports physio and sports therapy approach.

Schedule your FREE phone consultation to get help today.

Nicole Crewe

Founder of the Physio Crew

Transform Your Scar

Improve aesthetics, flexibility, and sensation of your scar.

  • Improve Confidence

  • Increase suppleness

  • Learn how to care for your scar

  • What different treatments are best for different scars?


Help My Scar

Back Pain Guide

Discover tips to relieve pain.

  • Guarding: ​The secret many professionals won’t tell you so that you end up spending longer on their books. Learn why guarding can worsen pain and top tips for overcoming it so you can get your socks on again.
  • Exercise: Why many people waste time doing the wrong exercises and not getting results. This guide reveals the right exercises to start with to increase circulation without stirring up your symptoms.
  • Diagnosis: When back pain is more serious and requires onward referral.
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Anxiety Driving Pain?

Take our quiz to see if your nervous system in constant fight/flight.

Take this short quiz and receive your personalised report and find out how you score.


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Neuro Physio?

Strove survivor? Chronic pain? Trauma? Progressive Condition? 

Our short questionnaire will give you clarity on your rehabilitation potential and where you should focus your energy to improve your mood, independence and quality of life.

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Elite Equipment And Exceptional Team Training

We pride ourselves on investing heavily in our team’s training and on state-of-the-art equipment.

Our sites boast a wide range of equipment including


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athlete on antigravity treadmill

How Can Physio & Sports Therapy Help You?


Are you ready to start living again, say goodbye to aches and pains and regain confidence?

Fed up of wasting time in pain and not being able to do the things you love?

 “Amazing clinic, really, really welcoming and friendly and absolutely know their stuff. I was listened to and felt supported the whole time I was there. The clinic was a really nice space with amazing technology and a really good atmosphere. Would always recommend this clinic in the future to others and use myself. Thank you”

Take advantage of our experience treating international athletes performers.

Proud supporters of Bristol Rugby, Barnstaple RFC & Barnstaple Town Football.

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Women's Health

Visit our Women’s Health Clinic In Barnstaple where we help women recovery following the birth if their child.

If you want to gain confidence or say goodbye to unwanted symptoms or pain, we can help.

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Scar Clinic

Our Barnstaple Clinic is North Devon’s leading providing in scar management.

If you are looking to help improve pain, flexibility or aesthetic appearance of a scar we can help.


Physiotherapy And Sports Therapy

Have you had your injury for over a week, frustrated with long GP wait times and lack confidence the GP will even refer you to physio?

Have you been referred but didn’t find you got the results you were expecting?

We don’t have long waitlists, capping of appointments or limited resources. Our clinicians heavily invest in courses, equipment and CPD to ensure you are getting the best care.

If you don’t agree or are not happy with your results we offer a full money-back guarantee.

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Shoulder Pain

Are you finding it hard to put your shirt on? Has night time become impossible? Or perhaps you have. a niggle that you want to get on top of before it gets worse. We use clinical tests and diagnostic ultrasound to create. a clear plan for you recovery.

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Back Pain

Can't get your shoes on? Scared to move because of muscle spasms and pain? Back pain affects 80% of the population so you are not alone. Learn how physio can help.

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Women's Health

Scared to jump or run after having a baby? Women's Health Physio helps women recover following having a baby. Learn how physio can you gain confidence with activity and sex again.

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Scar Clinic

We are lucky enough to boast a Lymphatouch at our Barnstaple clinic. Rozzy leads our scar management service. Why not book a free phone consultation to see how we can help.

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Sports Injuries

We see a variety of sports injuries. Whether you have experienced a specific trauma or picked up a repetitive strain we can help. Click the link to learn more.

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Post Surgical

Preparing or recently had surgery? We work with patients to relieve pain, build confidence and increase independence. Click the link to learn more.

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Weight loss

Losing weight is tough if you try to do it alone or with and existing pain or injury. Check out our reviews to discover how hundreds of patients have benefited from physio led rehabilitation to get strong and lose weight.

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We work with all major insurance companies. Please send a message to organise your first treatment. Bupa | Vitality | Axa PPP | Ascenti | Nuffield | Healthsheild | WPA | Healix

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  • I found Nicole to be professional, enthusiastic and keen to understand how she could best improve my arm's condition such that it didn't continue to make the activities I carry out difficult or unmanageable. Her friendly and encouraging approach ensured I understood the importance of carrying out her suggestions in between consultations. By working together towards clear goals the results have been significant! I have already recommended The Physio Crew to several friends, and will continue to do so.
  • Went to The Physio Crew for lower back/leg pains. Nicole was very friendly and quick in identifying what the issue was likely to be, very knowledgeable in her biology and hosts a range of exercises to help resolve the issue. Would definitely recommend to others.  
  • I visited Nicole for what I thought was Sciatica (long standing problem) but it turned out to be a Hip problem. After just 5 visits Nicole got my hips moving freely again with the long term pain magically disappearing. Why did I put up with it for so long !!! Nicole is a lovely professional lady who will spend the right amount of time with you, without the extortionate fees that you often dread. I would highly recommend Nicole to anybody who suffers with pain.Why suffer !!
  • Great service and treatment. And the physio knows her (Nicole) stuff. I will recommend her to others in need of a physio treatment.
  • Liam provided reassurance that I was progressing well following total knee replacement surgery. He explained some exercises I could do to help achieve more bend in knee. I had been worried that my knee was still swollen 2-3 weeks after surgery and worried if I did not achieve the bend by week 6 that I would not achieve the best possible outcome following surgery. During the appt, with Liam’s help I managed to improve on the bend and can carry on with the new exercises to improve this even further. I feel my mind was put at rest that I was heading in the right direction and introducing the exercises would help me achieve a better outcome post surgery. Also that I had to appreciate total knee replacement is big operation so to be realistic at this stage in my recovery.


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