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When I started The Physio Crew 3 years ago my main aim was to help people through physiotherapy.

What I started to realise is that with modern day pressures of children, partners and careers people weren't looking after themselves.

Many will not even spend a whole minute thinking about NOTHING in an entire day.
Isn't that ridiculous?!
If all this massage did was 
give you one hour to yourself with no distractions?
Increase your productivity by just 10% (think how much you could get done?!)
Help you feel more relaxed at home and at work
Be more present with your children and spouse
Get you into a day dreaming state (Flow) that helps creativity (Remember Archimedes made his famous discovery of buoyancy in the bath ?) 
Ever wondered why you get great ideas when you are in day dream mode such as having a shower or going for a walk? 
It's no coincidence this has been well reported!
Would it be worth £40? Most people would answer yes to these questions. Well, here's the thing we are offering this to all new customers for just £25!

Nicole Crewe, Founder

Clinics In Fishponds, Henleaze And Abbots Leigh

Terms And Conditions

Available to all new clients who have not had a massage at The Physio Crew before.

Maximum one per person.

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