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8.3 million work days lost in 2013/14 due to musculoskeletal disorders.

184,000 new cases of musculoskeletal disorders in the UK (2013/14)

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Support your staff with physiotherapy to provide practical pain management and treatment


Many treatments are simple, like adding some specific exercises to break down repetitive movements within a normal working day. On average our patients require between around 4 sessions however if we’re brought in seen early or immediately following injury this can be much less.

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Is your company helping to keep its staff healthy and fit for work?

Did you know that the average Uk business loses 15.9 days of working hours per episode of an employee having an musculoskeletal disorder, not to mention hours lost in work but distracted by pain? Even in smaller companies this can add up to a huge loss in the overall effectiveness of the workforce, costing the company vital profits.


At The Physio Crew we work closely with your staff to assess, give a clear diagnosis and treat their ailments. This combined with our expert advice and rehabilitation programmes get your staff back to complete fitness and working at full capacity as soon as possible. This means that you avoid costly salaries for staff cover, reduced sick pay costs and retain more high quality staff saving your company thousands of pounds.

Easy access to fully qualified and experienced Chartered Physiotherapists


All of our Chartered Physiotherapists have completed extensive post-graduate training and have a wealth of experience to ensure your employees will leave every session feeling positive and motivated. We also pride ourselves on equipping your staff with the techniques and tools enabling them to recover as fast as possible.


No GP referral is needed however we can refer patients on for further investigations or specialist review if required during our assessments.



Cut out the middle-man and save


We know that many companies already have contracts in place however you can cut out the “middle-man” and further save your company costs. For just £50 for an initial assessment and £38 for follow up sessions your staff will receive an incredible level of care and treatment. What’s more is that these costs include all administration costs.


There is currently around a 6 month waiting list on the NHS for physiotherapy. Can you afford for your staff to be off work or suffering and losing focus driving performance down?


Where can your staff access treatment

With exceptional standards of care and attention we support patients back to their role and for unbeatable prices. We have situated in a convenient location in Fishponds where your employees can benefit from free parking and disabled access if needed.

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