Private Physiotherapy North Devon

Private Physiotherapy North Devon

You have probably found this page because you’re searching for private physiotherapy North Devon.

  You are in the right place.

  Our North Devon rehab Centre has everything you need to recover from pain and injury.

  We help people rewrite their story following sports injury or life changing trauma.

  We do that through a highly professional and trained team who can apply elite equipment and expert knowledge to ensure you get speedy results.



What Is The Difference Between Private And NHS Physiotherapy?

Our rehabilitation centre has seen heavy investment in both staff and facilities in the last year. Despite Covid we have bought new equipment to help our patients costing over £50,000.


This heavy investment has direct results for our patients. It has allowed people who are unsteady on their feet or recovering from complex fractures to walk again. It has improved the quality of life of people he thought they would never run again.


Our mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy has also been getting great results. It has allowed elite athletes to use as part of their routine for competition preparation and recovery.


But we don’t just have to invest in equipment.


We believe that our team are the gateway to your success. At our rehabilitation centre we do weekly training sessions and encourage the team to continue continual professional development regularly.


This professional environment means we are able to bring you the latest evidence combined with experience to help you get your shoes back on, play with your grandkids nail that personal-best.


At The Physio Crew we tailor your treatment with no other bias except what is best for you. We have no pressure that treatment has to end after full sessions, something Nicole previously found frustrating and working within the NHS. We will push you and work hard to guide you to the level that you desire.


If you’re on a tight budget we will deliver what we can and help you give you lots of homework so you can help yourself. For those who recognise that their health and quality of life is the most important thing then we will support you to reach your potential.



What Can Private Physiotherapy In North Devon Treat?

Both our physiotherapists and sports therapists can treat a wide variety of conditions.


Whether you have back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, knee pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, sports injury, neurological condition or perhaps are unsteady on your feet we can help.


Although we are experienced working with elite athletes we use this knowledge to help the average Joe to. We take complex information about the body and help break it down for you understand easy steps for your recovery.


Our experience helps us to guide you in the best treatment for you depending on your age, past medical history, duration of symptoms and history.


How Much Does Private Physiotherapy North Devon Cost?

Physiotherapy in private practice varies from £45-£75 for an initial assessment and £40-£60 for a follow-up.

At the physio crew if you wish to book in with Nicole her initial assessments are £60 and her follow-ups are £50.

If you wish to book with anyone else looking initial assessments are £45 and follow-ups a £40.


Why Should You Choose The Physio Crew As Your Private Physiotherapy Provider?


Of course we’re biased.


Our team wants to change the lives of people in North Devon. We are passionate about the impact physiotherapy education treatment can have on someone’s life.


We offer a free discovery call for people who want to learn more about their pain and develop a clear plan for recovery. This is a no obligation call and, although the percentage of people do you choose to use our services, feel free to use this service to help you on your rehabilitation journey.

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