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Let us help you discover a life without pain.

If you were looking at getting from Scotland to  Manchester on a snowy day there would be many options. Some would make it there quickly, some would take a detour, many would not know the best roads to take or the best option for them at that particularly time if they took into account type of car, appropriate wheels or reliability of the car. Some may never make it at all.

This is a bit like physio. There are often different routes to get to your goal. Your age may affect how you heal and recover. You may have aggravating factors or other illnesses which affect the best route for you to take and sometimes we need the support to know when it is ok to push and when we should ease off. These subtle differences are why athletes have coaches and why people tend to improve quicker with weight loss with a personal trainer.

We help people get back to sport, resolve ongoing niggles and put patients first every time.

Physiotherapy is a well recognised approach to help people recover from injury and pain. By looking scientifically at what is going on physio’s work almost like detectives to establish which structure is affected and how we can load it or rest it to get back to optimal function.

By accessing the knowledge of some one with at least a 3 year degrees and 8 years + of experience and hundreds of patient contact hours it can help you recovery more quickly.

Withs services ranging from sports massage, physiotherapy, gait assessment and hydrotherapy we have a wide range of tools and expertise to help you try all angles to improve your symptoms. Why not give Nicole a call for a no obligation chat to get some advice and see whether we can help you?

How Could Physio Help You?

  • Nicole’s dream to reach as many people as possible to help them recover from injury and pain has grown from just one clinician 3 years ago to a team of 6 and across 3 clinics.
  • After seeing outpatient physio getting a bad name in the NHS due to time restrictions she decided to branch out and deliver high quality physiotherapy which had the time and expertise to help people reach 100% not just ‘good enough.’
  • Physio has strong evidence for reducing time off work, reducing pain and reducing chance of reoccurrence of further injury.
  • When you visit The Physio Crew you know you are getting experienced, dedicated clinicians to help you find the path to success and keep pain under control in future.
  • We offer a wide variety of treatment techniques including electrotherapy, joint mobilisations, acupuncture, soft tissue mobilisations, headache massage, pregnancy massage, gait analysis, loading programs for tendons, mobilisation exercises for stiffness, medical reports and onward referral where necessary.

Expert Diagnosis And Referral

Some people want to get a second opinion or a clear diagnosis. Often they have looked on the internet and have an idea of what it may be but don’t necessarily know the shortest way to recovery. We can write referrals to GP’s requesting investigations if needed however we can learn a lot by taking your history and identifying which structure is likely to be affected. This will help you to understand whether to push through pain or whether you may be doing something to aggravate it in you day to day tasks.

Older people using gym balls

Flexibility And Mobility

We often take for granted the ability to move free from pain and stiffness. We will often accept this as ‘old age’ but people are often amazed how simple exercises can help them feel freer with some targeted specific joint mobilisations ( with a seat belt). If you have been feeling restrictive why not book in for a review to see if we can help or call Nicole on 0117 290 0242 for  a non obligation chat.

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Sports Massage

We have an extremely popular monthly membership package which helps save people money when they commit to monthly massages. This is for people who recognise the importance of looking after your body and want to feel the benefit of firm massage in their recovery and overall wellbeing. Many of our clients can’t believe how they did without it! Please check out our 200+ testimonials to see what others think of us.

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