Mar, 2020

Covid-19 Updates

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Dear Customers,   With the everything going on I wanted to give you an update from The Physio Crew team.   Who are we accepting? We are not accepting anyone who has been in contact with anyone with symptoms…



Dec, 2019

Antigravity Treadmill (Alter G)

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Alter G Changes Lives Through Innovative Design Nicole first came across the Alter G at a trade show five years ago. She instantly saw the benefits to athletes but also to clients with neurological conditions.  Having worked with England rugby players and elite sports athletes she understood the need for high level equipment to facilitate these top athletes back to their profession as soon as possible. When you have 6…



Jul, 2019

The Truth Insurance Companies Don’t Seem To Understand

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The Truth Insurance Companies Don't Seem To Understand   You may be watching this because you have had life changing trauma. Important to get early interventions to minimise the impact. Getting back to work quickly can be helpful to build self esteem and adapt to be able to go back to some kind of normal routine. If we delay treatment we can be exposed to 'learning pain.' The lack of…



May, 2019

Friday Training In Bristol. Welcome Ellen!

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Staff Training : What it takes to be the best. Last Friday I travelled up to Bristol to complete the staff training induction for Ellen, our newest recruit. I like to try and set the expectations on day one to make sure that there are no surprises. The Physio Crew is not like any clinic. We do take on 'average' physios. The CV's usually boast extra curricular  training and experience…



Mar, 2019

Health Sheild Recognised Physiotherapist In Bristol

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Health Sheild Recognised Physiotherapist In Bristol Finding a Health Sheild recognised physiotherapist in Bristol can be difficult. With so many employers recognising the importance of keeping their staff happy and healthy at work Health Sheild has become a popular option. We are a popular choice for physiotherapy for people using Health Sheild workplace cash plans. Health Sheild care means you can be reimbursed for physio and massage treatment.  If you…

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