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Wayne Farmer "The Love guy"

Is it me or them?

Free workshop Sunday 11th December @ 1pm.

Relationships can be hard! Lets face it, we have ALL been there. Wanted to scream at our partner, spouse or child to stop irritating us or wish that they would change their behaviour.
Wayne Farmer can help you find some peace. He talks through tools and strategies to help you think differently about relationships and help to improve those relationships and avoid conflict.
We are running a special seminar for 5 lucky people to come and meet Wayne and find out more about how they can be the best version of themselves to improve relationships and reduce conflict.
*only 5  spaces available!

Free workshop Sunday 11th December from 1pm - 2.30pm

Why not find out more?

5 Reasons you can’t afford to miss this

  • Understand how to improve relationships
  • Understand unconditional love so you can learn techniques to become more peaceful and calm
  • Have a better understanding of how to make yourself and others happier.
  • Start to unpick the reasons that you/others behave in the way they do.
  • An open. relaxed environment to lift your burdens and move forward.
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