Physiotherapy Services

Our Physiotherapy Services

We provide a wide range of physiotherapy services and treatments to help people recover from pain and injury. Our knowledgeable, qualified professionals will guide you down the fastest route to recovery.

  • Physiotherapy Services
  • Sports massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Dry Needling
  • Acupuncture
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Neuro Physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Soft tissue mobilisation
  • Electrotherapy ( Ultrasound/ TENs)
  • Expert Exercise prescription
  • Running analysis
  • Muscle strengthening/ reconditioning
  • Nerve Glides
  • Posture re-education
  • Maitland/ McKenzie techniques

How can we help?

Worried it might be serious?

Serious pathology is uncommon but if you’re worried why not get it checked out? We will refer you onto your GP/consultant if it isn’t a physio problem.

Repetitive strain

We aren’t designed to sit at computers, come in and have a chat about lifestyle changes to help keep you pain free alongside soft tissue mobilisation and exercises to ease your symptoms.

Off work?

Being off work can really bring you down. Get in quick to sort it out and support you back to normal life.

Back Pain

80% of people will experience back pain so you are not alone and we have lots of tips and tricks to help you manage it and get back to all the things you love.

Achilles tendinopathy

Tricky ankle pain thats not settling down? We provide taping, loading programs and stretches to help get you back on track.

Shoulder impingement?

Pain in the shoulder? Often muscle imbalances can cause the aches and pain. Luckily Nicole specialises in shoulders..

Running coaching

Worried your technique may be predisposing you to injury or that its inefficient. Get assessed by an expert to help improve your style.

Knee Injury

Get it checked to rule out that theres no serious damage and then we can provide a rehab program to build up your training from there.

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