Back Pain | Disc Protrusion | Facet Joint Irritation | Muscle Sprain | Non Specific Lower Back Pain

back pain

Disc Protrusion | Facet Joint Irritation | Muscle Sprain | Non Specific Lower Back Pain


Our Bristol and Barnstaple physiotherapy and sports therapy professionals have been helping people with back pain for many years.


With back pain affect 90% of the population at some point in their lives although it can be very debilitating it is very common and usually isn’t serious.


Our specialist equipment and experienced therapists can help you understand youR pain and managed exacerbation.


How we think and feel about pain is very important and there is a strong holistic approach to help people feel safe to move and learn how to settle symptoms quickly and efficiently.


Our tailored made treatment programs which can include exercises, stretches, acupuncture, joint mobilisations, compex, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and many other modalities will be selected by our experienced professionals to ensure we facilitate the healing process and return to the lifestyle you enjoy.


For many, back pain can be extremely frightening due to the level of pain and it’s unpredictable nature. If you are finding yourself tensing or guarding you may be developing protective compensation strategies which in turn make pain worse so treatment is needed at this stage.


Many who have experienced back pain will know the frustration of not being able to put your socks on, fear of getting out of bed in the morning or the frustration of avoiding super parent title because you can’t jump on the trampoline or throw your favourite child across a swimming pool.


Due to its prevalence everyone will have an opinion about back pain but there are some foundation principles you need to be consistent with. Download this free cheat sheet to learn more here.


For those who don’t want to waste time waiting for the pain to go and prolonging recovery and potentially worsening guarding them our experts can guide you on the best treatment to get you feeling yourself again.


We have an online course to complete in the comfort of your own home or for people with long term disability you may be suitable for a rehab stay at our Barnstaple branch where you can take advantage of an intense stay which may include hydrotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, acupuncture or our antigravity treadmill.


Let our experts educate you on the healing process and how to facilitate rehab to reach your goals quickly.


Why not book your free discovery call to see how we can help.

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