Getting Comfortably And Improving Confidence In The Gym : Women’s Fitness

Getting Comfortable In The Gym

You have probably found this because you’re searching for how to ‘feel comfortable at the gym’ or ‘women’s fitness’

If you’ve not set foot in the gym before, or had a bad experience in there, it can be daunting place. But if you want to get back into a gym routine, you’re going to have to take the plunge. We’ve got some tips here on how to make your gym experience more comfortable and enjoyable! 


The Right  Gym For You: Women’s Fitness Vs Men’s Fitness

Now a lot of people think “a gym’s a gym right?”. Wrong. Different gym’s have different environments and a different target audience. For example, one gym may just have free weights, loud music and a large open plan lifting area whereas another gym might have a huge variety of high tech machines. You need to find the right environment for you.

Gym’s usually have a free day pass for new customers, so have a look online to see what they’re offering or give them a ring and let them know you’re interested in joining. Once you’ve got a feel for the gym, it should be easier to make a decision.

Obviously location is important, but don’t just join your nearest gym because it’s close, it has to be the right environment for you.

Women’s fitness in itself can be very varied. Some gyms are geared towards body building, some towards athletes and some for ‘normal, everyday active people.’ Finding your tribe can give you the support needed for finding a fun, long term habit.

Men’s fitness can also be very varied. Seeking a gym with like minded people will help it become a long term habit.


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Make the Most of Your Induction

You will inevitably have an induction at the gym before they let you loose on your own. This is mainly to make sure you’re safe using the equipment, but make the most of this one to one time with someone experience at that gym.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, they won’t just be experienced in that gym, they will also be vert knowledgeable in exercise in general. If you want to know what exercises are best for a certain goal, ask. This way, when you go in on your own, you’ll feel comfortable working the machines and know what you’re doing.


Go With A Plan

The most daunting times can be when you enter the gym with no idea what to do. Even if you don’t have a specific programme, write down the exercises you want to do so that you have something to follow. Don’t be afraid to do things in a different order if what you need is being used, be adaptable but follow your plan.

Women’s fitness plans will often focus a lot on cardio but don’t forget the strength based training is also really good for you.

Men’s fitness programs are sometimes mobility and stretch light so make sure you include a bit of Yoga – it’s harder than it looks!


Remember, Everyone is There to Get Better

It can be pretty scary if it’s your first time in a gym and there are a lot of more experienced people around. Just remember, while you all may have different goals, you’re all there to get better. Everyone there is on their own journey, so no one will be judging you on what you are doing. Just be confident, and focus on yourself. 


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If you have an injury that is holding you back, book in for your initial assessment so we can get you back on track and into the gym!


Take care.


Abbie (Sports Therapist)

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