Ankle Joint Pain

Ankle joint pain in shoe.


Ankle joint pain is a common musculoskeletal complaint that we treat in our sports injury clinic. Some people will experience ankle pain following a sports injury or overuse however its common in non athletes too.

The location of pain and your history helps to guide us as to possible causes.

Our physiotherapists and sports therapist will identify the source of your pain and then help to educate you on the quickest route to recovery.


Will my ankle pain fully resolve?

Many people are worried that the pain is here to stay. Physiotherapy uses evidence based treatments to help you return to the things you love. In my experience 90% of ankle joint pain cases fully resolve without the need for further intervention beyond physio.

Often the pain is exacerbated my compensation strategies, weakness and tightness.

With close connections to local consultant we can help guide you on whether and injection or possibly surgery is needed in the small minority of cases where physio is unsuccessful.


Could my ankle joint pain be coming from my shoes?

We often will assess the wear on your shoes if you have ankle pain. This gives us clues to the way you are moving and whether we can help to normalise this through exercises and training cues.


Will physio for ankle joint pain hurt?

Physio can sometimes be a little uncomfortable as you begin to mobilise and strengthen the joint. We always work within pain limits and will always work within levels that you can cope with. High level rehab (which is so often missed for non athletes) although challenging is often not painful but VERY effective.


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