Personal Training Barnstaple

Personal training Barnstaple

Personal training Barnstaple for weight loss, building confidence and feeling yourself again.

Our experienced personal trainers Milan and Hayley work closely with our physio led team to help people safely return to exercise and regain the shape they are missing.

A personal trainer is the the key accountability tool to keep you focused and push you gently out of your comfort zone with their energy and unique knowledge.

With access to specialist equipment such as the Alter G people can experience exercise in a fun, low impact, graded way In a private setting. No meat heads banging weights or huffing here!

We work with people from a wide range of fitness levels and tailor your exercise program to help you challenge your cardiovascular fitness and improve your health.

Many people have got to a stage in their life where they don’t know where to start. They aren’t excited by the gym, they fear pain or injury due to excessive weight but they also recognise the grave health consequences, psychological impact and poor self esteem that comes from an unhealthy life style.

They understand that commitment to their health is non negotiable and don’t want to be the parent that sits on the sideline at sports day or can’t play in the pool on holiday.

They want to easily put their socks on, run across the road without feeling unsteady and manage the stairs without feeling out of breath. For the higher level athletes we have experience working with elite athletes and love to combine proprioceptive and high level plyometric to push you to become fitter, faster, stronger.

As experts in personal training and exercise we choose exercises to minimise risk of injury and discomfort. We help you build confidence until you are achieving goals you never imagined possible.

Choosing your trainer is a personal thing. Why not book a free consultation with Hayley to see we’re the right fit for you?

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