Neck Arthritis : Stiff Neck | Neck Pain | Joint Pain | Degenerative Change

neck arthritis


Neck Arthritis : Stiff Neck | Neck Pain | Joint Pain | Degenerative Change


Neck arthritis : physiotherapy treatment in Bristol and Barnstaple


Our Bristol and Barnstaple physiotherapy and sports therapy services have been treating people with neck arthritis for many years.


Neck arthritis often presents with neck pain and stiffness of the neck.


Our specialist sports physiotherapy approach allows us to mobilise right joints and relieve pain.

Will Neck Arthritis And Neck Stiffness Gradually Get Worse?

Many people worry that’s other arthritis their symptoms will not improve and will just degenerative over time. Motion is lotion and often people’s pain will improve as we increase synovial fluid and movement into the affected joints.


Our tailored made treatment programs which can include stretches, distraction, acupuncture, joint mobilisations, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and many other modalities will be selected by our experienced professionals to ensure we facilitate the healing process and return to the lifestyle you enjoy.


For many they may feel ‘old’ and lose hope that pain will improve however understanding how to manage this condition is key and a change of mindset from understanding the condition can make all the difference in ones level of confidences to continue normal everyday hobbies.


How Our Physio’s Can Help With Neck Pain


Dr. Google provides overwhelming, conflicting information and many just want a professional to use they unique experience and knowledge to select the right treatment for your stage of condition. Something that is advised in a exacerbation of neck arthritis may be different than someone who as a boggle but isn’t in a flare up.


For those who don’t want to waste time trying to manage alone we are the solution for you.


Let our experts educate you on how to facilitate the healing process and reduce likelihood of exacerbation. Not by avoiding your hobbies but by learning strategies to reduce the risk of flare ups.


Many people worry pain will just worsen and they will become more limited overtime. This is often not the case and reassurance from a professional can help you keep the right mindset, maintain high function and avoid missing out on your hobbies.


Take this free survey to determine where you are on your journey and then book your free discovery call to see how we can help.

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