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Causes Of Hip Pain

The content below is for information purposes only.

Don’t feel overwhelmed! There are a lot of things that can cause hip pain which is why you see a specialist who can help you figure it all out! 

Luckily if you think we are a good fit we offer a free phone consultation to help you cut through the noise and discover the right solution for you.

Look below at the drop end which tells you a bit about the different conditions we treat. There are a lot of conditions in the hip so we haven’t covered all of them here. Please feel free to book your free call so we can discuss your specific needs.

Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip osteoarthritic pain is often characterised by a reduced hip range of movement and groin pain.

Movements that require hip flexion and abduction often become difficult such as putting shoes on or getting into and out of a car.

Our clinicians will take you through a series of tests to differentiate what may be causing your pain.

Remember, if it is osteoarthritis it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a hip replacement.

Lots of people recover well with exercise, weight loss and physiotherapy.

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Femoral Acetabular Impingement

We tend to see this more in the younger athlete or people who spend extended time sitting at work or within their sport (such as cycling).

It tends to present as a catching sensation at the front of the hip.

Physiotherapy and sports therapy will help you identify the structures affected and target the right exercises and mobilisations to relieve pain and regain function.

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Muscle Strains And Tears

Muscle strains and tears can cause pain in the hip region.

We will assess the degree of the injury and provide you with step-by-step guidelines to get you back to normal activity and progressing at the optimal stage of healing.

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Overuse/ repetitive strain

Running, team sports and repetitive loads can sometimes cause problems with our tendons.

These types of injuries can be particularly frustrating because they usually improve with rest but as soon as you try to go back to activity the pain comes straight back.

It’s important to build up load in the correct way to avoid unnecessary discomfort and increase tissue resilience.

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Piriformis Syndrome

Pain can be referred from muscles in and around the hip. An often over diagnosed muscle is the piriformis.

You physio will rule this out as a source of your pain. It is important to differentiate between nerve referral and muscle irritation otherwise the exercise and treatment will irritate your pain.

This is often the case if people start trying to ‘release’ the piriformis with a lacrosse ball and then get raging pins and needles because the problem was actually the sciatic nerve!

A great test to differentiate between these two is the straight leg raise.

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Sciatic or femoral nerve referral

You might think we are bonkers when we start looking at your back range of movement during a hip assessment but we need to make sure the pain isn’t being referred to your hip from different structure.

We will thoroughly examine and rule out alternative causes of your pain.

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  • Are Your Clinicians Qualifed?

    All our clinicians have qualifications in their individual speciality. Physio’s and Sports therapists undertake a 3-year degree at university.

  • What Do You Treat?

    Although The Physio Crew is known for treating athletes we use these expert skills to help normal folk too. We can adjust our treatment to suit individual needs and fitness levels.

  • Is All The Elite Equipment Access Included?

    Many people choose us because they want to access all our equipment. All of our equipment is included within your normal treatment rate. We heavily invest in the latest state-of-the-art equipment so you get the best results possible.

  • Will I Have To Get Undressed?

    Our clinicians will need to see you move the body part and sometimes see the skin (especially in acute injuries). Shorts and a strappy top will allow us to access all areas needed. A normal bra is usually better than a sports bra for upper limb injuries because then we can undo the back when you are lying on your front to allow us to do soft tissue work on the back of the shoulder. Unfortunately, sports bra straps often get in the way and require you to take the bra off.

  • How Much Will it Cost?

    Senior Clinician (Physio/Sports Therapist) Initial assessment £60 and follow-ups £50. Normal Clinician (Physio/Sports Therapist) Initial assessment £45 and follow-ups £40.

  • Do you treat...

    The most common reason people don’t book is they are unsure if we can help with their specific problem. That’s why we provide a no-obligation call to help you to gain clarity on your symptoms and a clear plan to relieve pain.

Can The Physio Crew Help Me?

Common conditions we see:

  • Hip fracture
  • Hip replacement
  • Femoral acetabular impingement
  • Hip bursitis
  • Muscle pain/strain
  • Tendinopathy
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Referred hip pain from back
  • Post-surgical hip pain
  • Hypermobility
  • Inflammatory arthritis
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