Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen

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How Could Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Help Me?

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Involves a 60 minute treatment in a soft chamber at 1.3atm pressure whilst administering Oxygen. Pressurisation and de pressurisation takes 10-15mins either end of the treatment so leave 90 minutes blocked in your diary.


This additional pressure enriches the plasma of your blood with additional oxygen to help aid healing in a wide range of conditions. It has been shown to accelerate bone healing, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, reduce fatigue and many more qualities.


We are the only facility in North Devon to offer this safe, innovative and natural technology. Why not book in a consultation to see how we could help you?

Convenient Appointment Times

Convenient appointment times 7 days per week to fit around your busy schedule.

Safe, Innovative Technology

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy is incredibly safe. Due to its wide physiological effects it can benefit a wide variety of conditions.

Natural, Restorative Health

A fantastic adjunct to boost immune system, reduce pain and improve quality of life with one natural ingredient, Oxygen!

hyperbaric oxygen

The Safe, Effective Way To Invest In Your Health

Hyperbaric oxygen uk

Are There Any Side Effects?

Sometimes people can have issues adjusting their ears to the pressure (like in an airplane). We will teach you techniques to help with this and can adjust the pressure more slowly if needed.

What Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treat?

Diffusing more oxygen into the plasma can benefit many conditions. Preliminary evidence has been shown to benefit multiple sclerosis, tissue healing, auto immune disorders, inflammatory disorders, Autism, PTSD, headaches, nerve injuries, bone healing and sports recovery.

How Many Sessions Would I Need?

Although some research has shown benefits after a few sessions most protocols focus on between 20-40 treatments to encourage the release of stem cells, new blood vessel formation and improved cognitive function and repair.

We are open for medical appointments with additional infection control policies in place through lockdown.

Is More Pressure Better?

Not necessarily. The mild hyperbaric oxygen combines additional pressure with very few side effects making it a safe effective treatment.

Some people worry they will feel claustrophobic. The best bet is to come in and see the chamber and have a sit in it. Many people describe it as relaxing and their ‘safe space.’

Sports Recovery

Due to it’s healing and anti-inflammatory qualities mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy is often used by elite athletes to stay top of their game.

Reducing Fatigue

Many people who suffer from MS use hyperbaric oxygen to help manage fatigue. If the MS centre in Exeter is too far for you this offers a closer alternative to help you access treatment locally.

Boosting Immune System

Many people are looking for natural ways to boost their immune system. Hyperbaric Oxygen can help stimulate your body’s defences.

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