Mar, 2019

Best Place For Physio And Massage With Move GB In Bristol

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Best Place For Physio And Massage With MoveGB In Bristol Great News!! You can use your membership to subsidise our fees. Depending on what your plan is you get various reduced rates for massage. Check out “The Physio Crew” via the MOVE GB app. Join people who are taking advantage of improving their whole well being and health by booking in regularly with us once a month as part of…



Mar, 2019

Working In A Stroke Rehabilitation Centre: 3 Major Things I Learned

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Working In A Stroke Rehabilitation Centre: 3 Major Things I Learned Over the last three days, I have been lucky enough to observe the Physiotherapists working as part of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) at the Stroke Rehab Centre in Chippenham. This was part of my observational placement for my Physiotherapy degree and was incredibly eye-opening. I spent my time shadowing the physiotherapists, interacting with patients and asking, a probably annoying…



Feb, 2019

Everyone Active Everyday Campaign

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The Everyone Active Everyday The everyone active every day campaign started when I moved to North Devon. As a youngster my days were filled with activity. My dad loved tennis so we would spend weekends hitting balls at a local tennis court. When we weren't doing that I would explore the countryside with my friends and we would flip coins to see who would jump into the cold river first.…



Jan, 2019

How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost?

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How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost? How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost? This is a common question people ask. It is common that people are reluctant to get started with treatment to resolve their pain because they are worried about big bills that they can't afford. In most cases it often is a lot less than they expect! When you are injured there is usually a lot of uncertainty about how long…



Sep, 2018

How To Ease Shoulder Pain Following A Heavy Gym Session

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Shoulder pain can be VERY frustrating. Shoulder are complex but by far my favourite joint in the body. But I am biased. My special interest area is shoulders. Check out this video specific to the post gym shoulder. If you have shoulder pain this video should act as information purposes only. Seek and expert to get the best treatment for you.   [vc_video link="https://youtu.be/eMBrsYixldo" title="How To Ease Shoulder Pain Following…