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Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are frustrating when they occur. They always seem to crop up just before a huge race, event or challenge. Our consistent effort is dampened by this hiccup which can leave us feeling isolated and depressed.

We are forced to watch as our peers progress and we see the days slipping away with no end in sight to persistent pain and loss of skill and function.

What’s worse is we start to gain weight, lose energy and lack confidence in our ability to return to the same level of performance after we recover.

Whether it’s a niggling injury that has gradually worsened or a trauma where we know it’s at least a 3-month recovery it’s natural that the rehab savvy look for the best possible help to fast-track their results.

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Ligament Injuries

You may be looking for rehabilitation following an LCL/PCL/MCL or ACL injury. Whether you have had surgery or are looking to rehab it with conservative management we can help. We don’t simply help with knee ligaments though. Ligament injuries, particularly those that have required surgical management can seem daunting. Getting optimal load at the right time is important to get the best results.

Our clinicians will guide you and combine hands-on skills with elite equipment to help you restore movement and strength. Our aim is to return you to sport strong and reduce the risk of re injury or compensation.

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Contusions/ swelling

We are well-equipped to help people who have sustained dead legs, contusions or swelling. We use blood flow restriction, Lymphatouch, tape, specialist massage techniques and other tools to help you reduce swelling and get back to playing the sport you love as quickly as possible.

We also have diagnostic ultrasound at our Barnstaple rehab centre to monitor how the swelling/tissue is healing.

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Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries often follow a sudden onset of pain. If you heard a ‘pop’ or ‘tear’ sensation and sudden onset of pain then we will be interested to test the muscles’ strength using a hand-held dynamometer.

They usually take 4-6 weeks to recover but to facilitate recovery we need to get you gently loading ( when safe) to improve scar tissue. If you need a boost of healing then ask your therapist about hyperbaric oxygen therapy which can help, particularly if you have a race looming.

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Not all sports injuries are sustained through trauma. Tendinopathies are often sneaky, building up over time until eventually, they leave you either unable to play or playing with sub-optimal performance.

Tendinopathies can affect any tendon but common ones that get aggravated are the Achilles, the rotator cuff tendons in the shoulder, the patella tendon and the glut med tendon in the hip tendon.

Our clinicians will combined specialist loading programs, graded return to play protocols and if needed Shockwave to help the tendon recover and recondition.

At our Barnstaple clinic, we also have access to diagnostic ultrasound to take a look at the tendon’s integrity.


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We specialise in intensive rehabilitation packages for people post-fracture. We have an incredible selection of equipment and specialist skills to help people with all types of fractures. This can help to improve sleep, relieve pain and provide reassurance during this stress full time.

To find out more about our specialist packages please book your free phone consultation.

Sports physiotherapy and sports therapy is the best solution for treating sports injuries without invasive measure. We have the skills and expertise to help you avoid pain, and surgery and prepare you for day-to-day tasks and return to play.

We want to help you regain confidence and reduce your risk of injury in the future.

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