Sep, 2019

Common Concerns. Why People Choose To Book A Discovery Call?

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Common Concerns. Why People Choose To Book A Discovery Call? We started discovery calls about three months ago. We were finding that a lot of people were at home worried about their condition, unsure what was the best answer or treatment. Since doing the discovery calls and listening to people there seems to be three main concerns that were bothering people before contact with a professional. Number 1: Unclear diagnosis…



Jun, 2019

How To Relieve Neck Pain

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How To Relieve Neck Pain Pain In The Neck? Do you get pains in your neck? Achy shoulders? Does your neck feel stiff? Are you struggling to sleep? Are you stressed and holding the tension in your neck/shoulders? Headaches? Are you suffering from other symptoms such as: tingling in fingers, numbness in arms and hands and general weakness?   If you answered yes to any of these symptoms, you are…



Jun, 2019

Understanding Your Chimp

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Understanding Your Chimp   The Chimp Paradox is a fantastic book that everyone should take the time to read or listen to. This affiliate link gives you a 30 day free trial for audible. It's a brilliant read and money raised from this link will help us to continue to build services and facilities for you across the Southwest.   Things You Need To Know How our subconscious brain affects…

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