Barnstaple Physiotherapy

Barnstaple Physiotherapy At Our Sports Injury Clinic In Pottington

Specialising In Sports Injuries, Work Related Pain And Recovering From Complex Pain (Such As Stroke, Work Injuries Or Back Pain) 

Achieve More With Barnstaple Physiotherapy Services And Massage

The only Barnstaple physiotherapy clinic where your money helps build a future for the Southwest.  With huge ambitions to build a rehabilitation centre and provide services that benefit local communities your money will directly benefit your local community.


Professional, Experienced Staff Who Put You First.

Experience working with elite athletes and supporting England rugby players.

Free training workshops to help educate the local community and reduce injury and pain.

Videos of your physio exercises so you won’t forget them!


Barnstaple Physiotherapy

Our Barnstaple physiotherapy service includes a wide range of treatments including acupuncture, ultrasound, dry needling, joint mobilisation, k-taping, deep tissue massage, sports massage.

A motivational coach/physio to ask questions and push you forward.

A full money back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied.

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People worry about the cost because we can’t give an exact figure on when it will be resolved. I see the average person 4-6 times but these injuries range from longstanding issues to people who have had pain for a few days. The longer you leave an issue the longer it usual takes to sort out. Although, that being said, I saw a lady last week who had pain for 6 months and it took one session to sort. Remember you just spent £1200 on a bike! It might be worth it so you can ride it.


People worry physio will make them worse. Sometimes treatment can be uncomfortable but the therapist will never do anything you are not comfortable with. If symptoms are highly sensitive we use electrotherapy, taping and alternative gentle treatments to settle them down. Many people actually comment that they expected more pain from the treatment and for results to take longer. If Physio didn’t work the NHS wouldn’t fund it!



Of course we all want to know whether physio is right for us. I am very honest. If I can’t help you I will tell you straight away. I will also write you a detailed letter to send back to the GP if I feel you require onward referral. Whether you have knee, shoulder, back, elbow or neck pain physio’s are the musculoskeletal experts who can help you understand the area thats injured and the best course of action to aid your recover. No one can speed up healing ( YET- science is progressing every day) but we can facilitate it.

There is no guarantee any treatment will work but by seeing an expert you’re likely to resolve things quickly and get back to the things you love.


If all this did you for was….

  • Reassure you it wasn’t anything serious
  • Give you a detailed report requesting onward referral to a consultant/GP
  • Educate you about your condition so that you can help yourself?
  • Reduce your pain even by just 20% (hopefully we will fully resolve it)
  • Get you back to optimal fitness
  • Help you improve your running speed
  • Enable you to enjoy your holiday
  • Complete your hobbies more regularly
  • Get you stronger and improve your muscle firing pattern
  • Get you back on the pitch quicker
  • Ensure you’re safe to return to play
  • Would it be worth it?
man cycling pain free after physio.
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