What’s The Difference Between Sports Massage And Deep Tissue Massage?

Sports massage and deep tissue massage – what’s the difference?

You have probably found this blog because you’re searching for what’s the difference between sports massage and deep tissue massage.

We are well known for our experienced deep tissue and sport massage therapists, providing quality massage to suit each persons needs, but often we get asked ‘what’s the difference?’.

Many people know they want a massage to feel loose and limber but they don’t understand the difference.

It is important not to confuse massage with physiotherapy.

Massage is great as regular maintenance but if you have specific pain this needs a sports therapy or physio assessment.

Many people recognise that their symptoms feel like they ‘need massage’ and are seduced by the lower price.


This is counter intuitive.

Treating the symptoms and not the cause results in longer duration of treatment and then the realisation that you didn’t get the result you wanted and spent more money overall.

If you are unsure if you need physio or massage book your complimentary discovery call here. 

This no obligation call we help you work which treatment is best so you can get resolution of your symptoms as soon as possible.

This means back on the tennis court, playing with your kids and getting headspace on a long run without wasting time.

Our Clinicians Are Trained In Both Techniques

We will always try to find out at the beginning of the treatment session what approach would be best for you, but here’s a bit of information to help you understand the difference between deep tissue and sports massage!

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is basically what it says on the tin. It is a massage that goes deeper than just the layer of skin. It targets the tender areas (commonly know as knots). A deep tissue massage is perfect for general tightness and discomfort caused by day to day activities.


Many people think that these ‘knots’ can be worked out.

Evidence actually shows us this is not the case.

These ‘taut bands’ of muscles where the muscle fibres (actin and myocin) are caught in contraction will often remain the same.

But the tenderness will change.

We believe this is to do with increased blood flow reducing ischaemia and also the effect we are having on the brain and the way it is receiving ‘nociceptive signals’.

Sorry to bore you with the physiology.

But it’s important so we select the right treatment to help you.


Parents, nurses, dentists, office workers and manual labourers are some of the most common vocations that we see daily for deep tissue massage. It’s great for reducing tension in the shoulders from both stress and work activities, and provides a reset of your body ready for the next phase of a manic life!

Sports Massage

Sports massage uses a lot of the same techniques as deep tissue massage, but with a few extras.

The therapist will have a broad knowledge of sports injuries to be able to treat the commonly affected muscles. Other techniques may include stretching techniques, pressure techniques and movement correction techniques.

Sports massage is perfect for the athlete as regular maintenance. Whether you’re a keen runner, football player or enjoy racquet sports a specific sport massage can really maximise your athletic output and help you reach the top of your game.

If you have an injury book a discovery call first to ensure you are accessing the treatment which will bring you the fastest results.

What we provide!

At The Physio Crew, we provide both sports and deep tissue massage. The type of massage required will be discussed in the consultation to make sure we take the best course of action to help you reach your goals. All of our therapists are experienced in both techniques and are very familiar with the sporting environment.


The Physio Crew is not for you if you are looking for candles, whale music or essential oils!

Our clinicians all have degree level education (or are currently studying) which include in depth anatomy knowledge and physiology. We are for people who want the additional reassurance our clinicians are highly trained and understand what’s going on beneath the skin.

Perfect for people who like firm to deep pressure and want experienced, knowledgeable professionals who work within and evidence based framework working on them.

Hypoallergenic oil are used and we will often discuss your current training plans and offer tips to improve your general well being. If you prefer silence during your massage we will feed off your signals and shut up! I know many appreciate the opportunity to rack a professionals brain to help problem solve challenges they are having. 2 4 1 value!


If you’re tired of putting your health to the bottom of the pile, book in for your first massage today and start your journey to feeling good again!

Best wishes.

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