What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when someone is affected by injury, illness or by developmental or other disability. As members of the CSP, physiotherapists abide by a professional code of conduct to continue professional development and offer high standards of treatment. 

What should I wear for physio?

To be able to assess properly physio’s need to be able to see the area affected. If it is a shoulder problem then you may be required to remove your top. For ladies a tank top/ strappy top would be ideal to be able to see the area needed.

For back, knees and hips it is important to see the surrounding muscles therefore shorts are a great idea or sensible underwear!

Do I require a referral?

Nicole is registered with most insurance companies and also treats self funding patients. Physiotherapist are autonomous practitioners and therefore do not require a referral from a doctor for treatment. Physiotherapists are trained to recognise patterns that may be sinister in nature and can refer you to the appropriate place ie orthopaedic surgeon or GP if needed.

What does an assessment involve?

A detailed history will be taken which gives the physio clues about the structures involved. The mechanism of injury and pattern of pain are very important in reaching the correct diagnosis. Once we have sat down and discussed your symptoms, restrictions in every day life and pain pattern we will then look at how you move, the joints range of motion and carry out various tests to reach our diagnosis.

Throughout the assessment the physio will be gentle and ask how certain movements affect  your pain. The assessment should not be painful and we will always find other ways to assess your movement if you are unable to tolerate any of the tests.

How much will it cost?

An initial assessment usually lasts between 30-45 minutes and costs £45.

Follow ups are usually 30 minutes for £40.

Home visits (Bristol) £50-60 depending on length of session and location.

We also offer packages if you require intense physio input, perhaps to boost mobility and confidence within your home. 

How can physiotherapy help my loved one?

Physiotherapy already has a excellent reputation within the NHS for getting people back home  and helping them regain independence. If your loved one requires further input then please contact us for more information.

What are Nicole's Special Interests?

Nicole has worked in a range of areas and is due to join Bristol Women’s Rugby premiership team next season. She has dedicated the last 5 years to building www.physiowizz.co.uk which has helped keep her up to date on latest evidence and network with leading physiotherapists and consultants across the world.

Within her NHS work she helps support those with chronic pain and continues to work pitchside within a sport setting, maintaining high standards of treatment and rehabilitation programs for athletes in many disciplines.

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