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Do you have a scar that you hate or want to improve?

Rozzy Scott leads our scar clinic in Barnstaple. With additional training in scar management and Lymphatouch, she helps people improve scars’ flexibility, appearance and tenderness. She will help educate you on products that enhance the appearance of scars and show you appropriate self-mobilisations you can do at home. With a variety of non-painful treatments, we can treat scars of any age to help improve your confidence. If you aren’t happy we aren’t happy and offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee so there’s no risk to you.

Post Surgical Scars : Orthopaedic / Trauma

There are many surgeries that can leave significant scars. C-sections scars for example go through 7 layers and it is very important to have good mobility of the scar between the layers to avoid adhesions to the bowel or between layers which can cause issues further down the line. If you wish to avoid the risk of ‘puckering’ or an overhang effect then scar treatment can help. We see scars following orthopaedic surgeries such as hip/knee/ankle replacements or traumatic injuries such as open fracture, polytrauma or internally fixated fractures.

Common surgical scars include mastectomy, appendectomy or hernia scars,  orthopaedic scars such as ACL reconstruction, shoulder fixation or scoliosis correction. If you are feeling self conscious about your scar and want to do all you can to facilitate its recovery you are in the right place.

Traumatic Scars

Some scars can occur due to injuries caused by sharp, blunt or protruding objects. We often see people who have caught tissue on trees, doors, scaffolding edges, power tools or in car accidents.

Facial scars are often included in this category and can sometimes be more complex because of the psychological impact. Sometimes this has been caused due to assault, domestic abuse or a traumatic injury. As physiotherapists, we are used to helping people with complex medical and injury mechanism history so will support you on your journey of recovery.

Traumatic scars can often be psychologically distressing as they can be more disorganised and thicker than surgical scars and we will guide you on how to regain confidence again.

Complex Scars: Poly Trauma And Burns

Poly trauma can rest in multiple scars and skin grafts. These more complex scars can impact our confidence and quality of life because they can be large and unsightly.

Burn scar can be partiuclarly painful and tight. We recommend an initial assessment with Rozzy to gain clear understanding of the breadth and depth of the scar to help formate a plan of how we can desensitise these scars and help to improve flexibility and appearance.

Lymphatouch is a fantastic tool with these type of scars due to its gentle nature.

How Much Will Scar Therapy Cost?

We strive to make scar therapy affordable.

We are the only centre in North Devon with the facilities to be able to help people holistically with scar management.

Rozzy Scott leads our team and we include all hands-on treatment and scar therapy treatment within the cost of the appointment. No extra hidden charges for the use of cutting-edge technology such as Lymphatouch.

We also offer packages that are suitable for most scars. This involves an initial assessment with Rozzy who will identify the type of scar and then prescribe your plan. Follow-up sessions will then be a mix of Rozzy and her specially trained team. This means you get access to her expertise as well as affordable follow-ups and great access to Lymphatouch.

We recommend booking a scar therapy assessment and Rozzy can guide you as to whether the package is right for you or whether ad hoc treatment would suit you better.



Initial scar therapy assessment £70 | Follow Up Scar therapy £60 | Scar therapy package (6 weeks) £699

Will Scar Therapy Make My Scar Disappear?

Scar therapy aims to improve the appearance, flexibility and comfort of your scar.

Scars tell our story and we want to be open and honest when you start treatment. As you can see from before and after pictures Lymphatouch and scar therapy can make a significant difference to the appearance of a scar but we are not going to remove the scar completely. Rozzy will discuss with you expectations and what you are hoping to achieve.


Is Scar Therapy Painful?

Scar therapy is extremely well tolerated. Scars that have not received treatment can be extremely sensitive and people may be anxious about touching them or knowing when they can start applying pressure directly onto the scar. Rozzy will guide you on which scars are appropriate for Lymphatouch or scar mobilisations, and at what stage.

The treatments we use are very gentle and Rozzy will give you clear guidance and advice on how to manage your individual scar. She will also recommend products appropriate to your scar such as silicone strips and oils that can improve the appearance of scars. She will show you gentle ways to improve the scar and the use of Lymphatouch is very well tolerated. People often describe it feels like a ‘stretching’ or ‘pulling’ sensation.

We always go at your pace and you are fully in control throughout the session.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

All scars are different and a simple surgical scar is likely to need less intervention than complex polytrauma and burn scars.

Most people benefit from the 6-week package which includes 12 sessions with a variety of clinicians (sessions designed and prescribed by a scar therapist) but we recommend everyone have an initial assessment with Rozzy so she can help you select the option that’s best for you. Scars can be changed after one session but we recommend a minimum commitment of 4 sessions+ to see significant benefits.

We are flexible with sessions but they are usually 30 minutes x 2 weekly for the package. We are open 8am – 9pm daily and various hours Saturday and Sunday to fit around your busy schedule.

Some Examples Of Scars We Have Had Good Success Treating

  • C-section
  • Facial ( trauma)
  • Appendectomy
  • Paratoidectomy
  • Mastectomy
  • Hernia repair
  • Total knee replacement/hip replacement scars
  • Skin graft
  • Surgical such as ACL reconstruction/ patella tendon repair/fracture repair

Many wonder whether scar therapy is right for them. They don’t want to waste time or money if it’s not right for their scar. Although there are different types of scar the physiological milestones of each follow a similar path. We recommend an scar therapy initial assessment to allow you to understand the type of scar and what you should be doing to facilitate its recovery.

If you are unsure if we are right for you why not send us a message? We will book a call with our specialist scar physio so we can discuss whether scar therapy can benefit you?


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