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Physiotherapy For Frozen Shoulder

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In the intricate tapestry of our daily routines, the simple act of reaching for a high shelf or attempting to fasten a seatbelt can become a massive task. For those grappling with a frozen shoulder, every movement carries the weight of confinement, like a joint locked in an icy grip. The agony of this condition knows no bounds, transforming the most basic actions into monumental struggles and, at times, rendering even the simplest of gestures an impossibility. In this blog, we embark on a journey through the pain points experienced by those bearing the burden of a frozen shoulder, delving deep into the challenges, frustrations, and avenues for relief. Join us as we unveil the silent battle within, and discover strategies to thaw the frozen confines and regain your mobility and freedom.

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What Causes Frozen Shoulder?

Understanding the origins of Frozen Shoulder is the first step towards unlocking the secrets of its development. While the precise cause of Frozen shoulder remains a subject of ongoing research, several factors have been linked to its onset.

These include injury or trauma to the shoulder, prolonged immobilisation, underlying medical conditions like diabetes, and even certain genetic predispositions.

This blog takes you on a journey to offer insights into how to prevent or mitigate this challenging condition. Join us in deciphering the code behind the enigma of frozen shoulder and discovering strategies to keep your shoulder’s mobility free from the icy grip of this affliction.

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Who Is At Risk Following Frozen Shoulder?

Understanding the individuals at risk of falling into its icy embrace is essential in fortifying against this condition. While frozen shoulder can affect anyone, certain groups are more vulnerable.

Middle-aged adults, especially women, are statistically more prone to its onset. Those with a history of shoulder injuries, surgeries, or prolonged immobilisation are also at an increased risk.

Furthermore, underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease can heighten the susceptibility to frozen shoulder.


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Conditions That Are Mistaken For Frozen Shoulder

The enigmatic condition known as frozen shoulder stands as a formidable puzzle, and yet, it is not the only player in this complex narrative.

When symptoms of shoulder pain and stiffness present themselves, other conditions may be masquerading as the culprit.

Differential diagnosis, the art of distinguishing one condition from another, becomes paramount in unravelling the mysteries of Frozen shoulder.

Adhesive capsulitis, as it is medically termed, shares symptoms with a spectrum of other shoulder issues, including rotator cuff tears, bursitis, and osteoarthritis, to name a few. To navigate this labyrinth of possibilities, a skilled physiotherapist or sports therapist must meticulously analyse your clinical presentation to pinpoint the true cause.

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How Can Physiotherapy Help Frozen Shoulder Pain?

When a frozen shoulder casts its icy spell, the simplest tasks become monumental challenges, and the prospect of regaining mobility can feel distant. Yet, amidst this icy grip, there shines a beacon of hope in the form of a skilled physiotherapist or sports therapist. These unsung heroes of rehabilitation possess the expertise to thaw the stiffened joint and guide you toward the path of recovery.

Through targeted exercises, manual therapies, and gentle stretches, physiotherapists and sports therapists work like warm rays of sun breaking through a winter’s frost, gradually restoring your shoulder’s range of motion. They’ll customise a rehabilitation plan specifically tailored to your frozen shoulder’s unique needs, ensuring that you’re equipped with the tools to break free from the chill.


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What Happens In A frozen Shoulder Assessment?


  • Medical History Review
  • Pain Evaluation
  • Physical Examination:
  • Functional Assessment:
  • Special Tests:
  • Palpation
  • Imaging
  • Discussion and Goal Setting
  • Treatment Plan
  • Education:
  • Follow-Up Appointments
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What treatment are effective for Frozen Shoulder?

We have an amazing tool kit to help relieve shoulder pain.

Treatments include Hyperbaric, Dynanomter, Shockwave, exercise prescription, acupuncture, soft tissue mobilisations, manual therapy and more.

So if you need help getting back on the tennis court, rugby pitch or just putting your food away in the cupboard then book your free discovery call and take that first step on the road to your recovery.

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