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Why Every Person Should Try Massage To Benefit Their Quality Of Life

Sports massage can benefit a wide variety of people. 

From athletes to office workers we have seen hundreds of patients who LOVE sports massage and recommend it as part of their monthly routine. 

Sports massage is a firm massage that helps to increase circulation into muscles. This is particularly helpful for athletes who feel sore following training or tight. People report it makes them feel looser, more relaxed and have greater flexibility.

The science is quite simple. 

Massage helps the brain (but in ways you might not have considered): 

Tactile stimulation helps desensitise tender areas. The skin has a large number of sensory nerves which input information to the brain. If these areas are sensitised pressure to the area can help to effectively “reboot” the computer system and settle everything down.

The potential effectiveness of massage therapy is proposed to increase skin and muscle temperature, blood and lymphatic flow, and parasympathetic activity. Subsequently, the effects include then relief of muscle tension and stiffness, reduction of muscle soreness, and increased joint range of motion (Weerapong et al., 2005, Guo et al 2017)

The Hoffman reflex after massage also contributes to the reduction of muscle pain (Morelli et al., 1999). Moreover, the psychophysiological response to massage, including relaxation, leads to mood enhancement and fatigue reduction (Hemmings et al., 2000).  (Guo, 2017)

  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow.
  • Help you to relax and ease aches and pains.
  • Stimulate or recondition nerve endings. For example in people who have had a stroke massage can help reduce sensitivity in the hemiplegic side but can also stimulate sensation too.
  • Increase or decrease muscle tone
  • Assist in mental preparation for sporting participation and warm muscles before competition.

Massage can assist in:

  • Training phase or when you re increasing your overload/conditioning.
  • Pre competition
  • Within competition (pitchside)
  • Post competition
  • Following travelling, particularly long coach journeys which can lead to tightness of the neck, shoulders and lower back.

Why not let our experienced, qualified clinicians show you how massage can help.

Deep tissue massage is very similar to sport massage. Whereas sports massage is often targeted to support sporting activity i.e.  We may choose a warm up massage or a relaxation massage to get your head ready for game day or perhaps a firmer massage following competition or in the lead up to a big game/marathon.

Following a a deep tissue massage the muscle will be fatigued so it is not recommended that you compete the day after or train directly after.


Deep tissue massages are for people who like considerable pressure with their massages. They can some times be uncomfortable but our experts will guide you through the process and we can tailor your massage based on what you want and applied additional pressure or ease off if this suits you better.

Introductory offer £25 for 1 hour!

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Running technique analysis

Expert Assessment and Treatment

Evidence based treatment

Sports Specialist

Neuro Specialist

Hydro Specialist

Experience working with elite rugby players.

Have you ever wondered if you could improve you technique to reduce risk of injury and improve your running speed?


Why not come and see Nicole for her expert analysis on your running technique and how you can improve.

Lets face it, pregnancy isn’t exactly always fantastic. It comes with emotional struggles, hormones and changes to our body we had never even imagined possible.

However it is a good time to reassess our priorities and look forward to the beautiful baby that will eventually result from all this chaos!

Pregnancy massage can be a great way to gently acclimatised your body to pregnancy. It can help ease painful muscles that may be over working due to changes within your ligaments.

Lucie has specialist training in pregnancy massage and will help you feel relaxed and escape from the stresses pregnancy can bring.

We operate pregnancy massage at all sites but recommend Abbots Leigh or Henleaze due to the quiet and relaxing locations.

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Sometimes we just need to pamper ourselves!

This is a fantastic way to escape from the drains of normal day life and give yourself an hour of uninterrupted relaxation.


We strongly recommend booking in at our Abbots Leigh on Henleaze site for this as the gym (Fishponds) can sometimes have over enthusiastic spin classes! For those who don’t mind a bit of music from the spine class we can see you at Fishponds if this is more convenient.


Introductory offer £25 for 1 hour!

Contact us today!  |   |     0117 951 2328

Introductory offer £25 for 1 hour massage!

Contact us today!  |   |     0117 951 2328

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If all this did was…

  • Help you increase flexibility.
  • Help increase blood flow to your muscles.
  • Helps you feel relaxed.
  • Improve lymphatic drainage.
  • Help you understand how to get your body feeling fit and well.
  • Would it be worth it?
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