Physiotherapy For Leg Fracture

Physiotherapy For Leg Fracture


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Leg fractures can exist in the femur, tibia, fibula.


They are often are the result of a traumatic injury however it physiotherapists also treat leg fractures that have caused by cancer.


Physiotherapist will take a holistic look to decide on the best treatment for you. We will weigh up the options and consider the short and long-term goals for an individual patient.


What Can Help Facilitate Healing in a Leg Fracture?

Machines such as Exogen can help to accelerate fracture healing and will be advice in appropriate cases.


Leg fractures will normally be stabilised through an internal fixation such as metalwork or externally via a cast.


Leg fractures vary hugely in complexity. Sometimes the bone will be broken cleanly or which once produced all aniline properly are will usually heal quite well.


Fractures with multiple pieces can sometimes be more tricky.


It is important to make sure that you do everything possible to facilitate healing. This means maintaining a good diet, avoiding alcohol/drugs and smoking.


Physiotherapy for leg fractures is particularly important to help the bone heal. It targets exercises to help to reduce muscle atrophy, swelling, reduce the risk of DVT and get you back to the things that you love.


It is not just the bone that needs to heal. Ligaments, muscles, proprioception and balance are all imperative to returning to full function.


Specialist equipment such as the altar G, muscle stim and hyperbaric oxygen can also facilitate healing.

What Other Issues Need To Be Considered When Rehabilitating Leg Fractures?

A thorough program to address muscle wasting of their hip thigh and calf are important to help you feel safe and steady on your feet. We also want a good long-term outcome so that you can continue in sport, or the activities you love throughout your life.


It is important that people understand the intensity of the rehabilitation process. Physiotherapist can help guide on when it is okay to push through pain and when you should take it more gently.


They use expert knowledge of healing times to ensure that you exercise safely and get the best long-term result.


If you have had a leg fracture and need further advice or assistance in feeling yourself again please book your free discovery call now. This will help you to form a plan to get back to the activities that you love and learn about your injury.

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