Amazing Patient Stories


Amazing Patient Stories: How Physiotherapy Can Help To Regain Strength And Confidence Today




When choosing the best physio or physio assistant to help you it’s natural to want to see results of others.


Physiotherapy And Antigravity Treadmill To Aid Recovery.


Whether you have neck pain, back pain, knee pain, elbow pain or hip pain we are experienced treating a wide range of conditions.


We put you in the centre and focus on what’s important to you. We are experts in adaptation to allow you to rewrite your story following sports injury on life changing trauma.


Whether it’s a little niggle or something more serious we will push you to achieve your full potential, in a gentle, supportive way so that you always remain in control.




Doesn’t matter we can use equipment and can help you adapt exercises.


Have a neurological condition?


No problem we can use equipment and a sports physio approach to help progress rehab through a different lens.


Have lost confidence in your body?


We see this a lot and this can significantly reduce our quality of life. We work in both the physical and psychological impact of injury.


Trust us, like the 5046 patients we have treated in the last two years, and we will help you learn the fastest route to recovery.


Our Amazing Patients Who Have Already Benefited From Physiotherapy


Here’s some of our amazing patients who have been kind enough to let us share their progress. Thank you to Hayley Chapman for the amazing editing and to those who let us into their world to help inspire others.



Ever Feel Like Physio Is Too Easy? Take It To The Next Level With Sports Physio

Hip Recovery : Part 1

Hip Recovery : Progress

Hip Recovery : Part 2

Have An Old Injury ? It’s Not Too Late!

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