Amazing Patient Stories: How Physiotherapy Can Help To Regain Strength And Confidence Today

Here are some of our amazing patients who have been kind enough to let us share their progress. Thank you to Hayley Chapman for the amazing editing and to those who let us into their world to help inspire others.

Hip Pain Story

Check out this athletes journey in her hip pain recovery.

High Level Rehab Case Study

Hip Recovery : Part 1

Check out this hip pain recovery journey following a complex hip fracture and subsequent surgery.

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Hip Recovery Progress

Have you had hip surgery?

This video will help inspire you in your recovery.

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Hip Recovery Continued

The third video showing a fantastic recovery following complex hip surgery.

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Ankle Injury

Have you been suffering with ankle pain?

This is a fantastic example of someones journey despite starting treatment a long time after the original injury.

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  • Nice environment, knowledgable person who analysed my issues.
  • “Nicole has been supportive after I broke my arm and wrist following a fall in April. She has helped liaise with other professionals to organise scans and I am due to have my operation in January”

  • Liam provided reassurance that I was progressing well following total knee replacement surgery. He explained some exercises I could do to help achieve more bend in knee. I had been worried that my knee was still swollen 2-3 weeks after surgery and worried if I did not achieve the bend by week 6 that I would not achieve the best possible outcome following surgery. During the appt, with Liam’s help I managed to improve on the bend and can carry on with the new exercises to improve this even further. I feel my mind was put at rest that I was heading in the right direction and introducing the exercises would help me achieve a better outcome post surgery. Also that I had to appreciate total knee replacement is big operation so to be realistic at this stage in my recovery.

Amazing Patient Stories: How Physiotherapy Can Help To Regain Strength And Confidence Today


Physiotherapy And Antigravity Treadmill To Aid Recovery.

Whether you have neck pain, back pain, knee pain, elbow pain or hip pain we are experienced in treating a wide range of conditions.

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Whether it’s a little niggle or something more serious we will push you to achieve your full potential, in a gentle, supportive way so that you always remain in control.



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