Sep, 2018

Could I have cancer? A common worry in patients.

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Could I have cancer? A common worry in patients. I wanted to talk to you today about something we all struggle with. The fear of committing to treatment and making the wrong decision. I remember my first significant injury with my neck. Despite working every day with exceptional therapists I didn’t get treatment for 2 weeks after the pain started.  I kept telling myself I could manage it on you…



Jul, 2018

How this small physiotherapy and well being business has helped 1569 patients in the last year

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You may be asking the question.. How has this 31 year old has grown The Physio Crew to 4 practices and developed such a caring, conscientious team in just 4 years?   I want to take you back a minute.   At aged 15 I stood staring at the top of Mt Etna across from Uganda to the Kenyan border. I stood there shivering with socks over my hands and…



Jan, 2018

The Easiest Way To Invest In Your Health

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We all know we should get active but find out why walking works... This week I attended a course to become a walk leader for the ‘ walking for health scheme’ supported my  Macmillian and Active Devon.  The below statistics are taken from the walking for health 'walking works article which can be found here.. Inactivity accounts for 17% of early deaths i the UK. Physical inactivity cause a huge…



Mar, 2017

How to prevent ACL tears

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How to prevent an ACL tear Females athletes are 3.5 times more likely to sustain a non contact ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury than men.   ACL injuries can happen from contact ( an external force impacted the knee) or non contact (Nil external force).   The injury classically involves the subject’s foot being planted on the floor with a valgus force ( knee going inwards ). There will often…



Jul, 2016

Shoulder injures in rugby players

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Shoulder injures in rugby players   If you play rugby then you’ll be no stranger to injuries. Whether you’re playing for a local team or are supported by the TASS or England programs you will understand that to be the best you are always pushing forward. Being the best means training smart and not always hard.   This post is for people who want to learn more about injury and…