Don’t Ignore Pain In Children

Don’t Ignore Pain In Children

It can be tempting to ignore pain in children.

We have all seen in happen. A child falls at the park, takes a good look around to see whether anyone has seen and then starts to scream. Attention seeking behaviour for mums attention is common but could we be missing a real injury?

As a physio I have seen many cases where children have had broken arms for several days before a reluctant trip to A and E proved the child actually wasn’t exaggerating!

The problem is it can be very difficult to know.

History tells us a child can be screaming and crying and within 10 minutes is off running across a field after their brother who’s stolen their favourite toy.


So How Can We Save Ourselves 4 Hours In A and E?

This video helps parents understand key features they should lookout for to determine whether this may be a serious injury. Children in their development stages can be prone to different diseases such as Perthes, stress fractures or juvenile arthritis so its always a good idea to get it check by an expert physio if you’re unsure. To book a free discovery call please click here.

The Signs To Spot Whether Your Child Needs Physio

  • When to know if a child is telling the truth
  • Don’t ignore potential fracture
  • Bruising on swelling : need assessment
  • Pain in the morning
  • Joint pain in multiple joints. ie my wrists and ankles hurt.
  • Early management for growing pains.
  • Conditioning muscles as children/ adolescents grow
  • Dynamic stretches in some cases.
  • Specific trauma – fallen off bike, fallen out of tree
  • Look out for green stick fractures: deformity is not always present with these.
  • Persistently reporting pain, particularly in the same location.
  • Random large bruises with no trauma: straight to GP ( not Physio)


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