The Best Place To Have A Sports Injury Treated In Bristol And Barnstaple

The Best Place To Have A Sports Injury Treated In Bristol And Barnstaple


There are a few things to consider when looking for the best place to visit when getting your sports injury treated.


With a choice of Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Sports Therapists it can be difficult to know who’s right for you.


Firstly, you need to find a company that shares the same values as you.


You need someone with experience treating the condition you have with a strong commitment to CPD so they go the extra mile to look into new techniques. 


At The Physio Crew we nurture a culture of development and challenging the status quo. It is an expectation that our staff will be listening to podcasts, audiobooks and publishing videos and blogs to demonstrate their knowledge and pursuit of excellence.


Please check out our instagram, youtube and Facebook profiles to find out more.


Too many times I hear patients say that when they were seen by other professions they felt they weren’t listened to or they felt like the person was ‘just going through the motions’ and ‘didn’t really care’. 


We also don’t believe in making you dependent on us. 


Our job is only successful as a physio if we can get you to a point that you understand your condition and have the tools and treatment to help prevent it reoccurring. We are happy to be here as a safety net but we are not interested in getting you back for 6 monthly reviews or prolonging treatment if its something you can be doing yourself. 


You need someone who understands and can empathise with your situation and problem solve to find solutions for you as an individual.


When you are having treatment for sports injuries it is wise to have someone who has at least played some sport in their life. Abbie  is a fantastic choice for those who compete in team games as, having played premiership rugby, she understands the psychological impact and rehab needed to return to play. 


For horse riders and runners Kamil is a great choice for understanding the mindset and difficultly with ‘resting’ when trying to care for an animal or in the run up to a marathon.


Stuart is a great choice if you are into extremely sport ( who else is mad enough to run ultra marathons and partake in cross fit) and with his military background he’s sure to push you to help you achieve your goals. 


Nicole and Meg are the most senior clinicians and therefore have treated a lot of sports injuries. Having both sustained injuries themselves this also helped to develop knowledge of the injured athletes and what treatments are most effective. With experience between them of extensive post graduate training, treating England rugby players, treating European weight lift champions and cage fighting champions they understand the pressure that elite sports can bring. 


Lastly it’s important you are being seen by a professional. Remember some titles are unprotected and I wouldn’t want to be treated by someone who has a 6 week massage course treating me for an injury. By coming to The Physio Crew you know that with the extra medical knowledge gained through extensive training we are atoms practitioners and taught to sport clinical signs that might alert us to an alternative, more sinister pathology.


Our professional network also means that if we have any doubts we can call a GP or contact a consultant to ask their opinion on whether onward referral is needed.


In summary you need:

  • Someone who shares your values
  • Someone who is professional and has proper qualifications
  • Someone experienced treating athletes 
  • Someone experienced treating sports injuries
  • Someone committed to CPD and evidence based treatment. 
  • Someone with a good network.


I am proud to say we deliver on the last 5 but you need to decide if we share the same values. 


You need to be –

  • Committed to getting better
  • Be ready to start treatment
  • Able to attend hydro or physio at one of our 4 clinics

If you want to find out more information about us and whether we can help you please call 0117 290 0242 or email Nicole at

Have an active day! 

Speak soon.

Nicole and The Physio Crew Team