Antigravity Treadmill For Weight Loss

Antigravity Treadmill For Weight Loss

Specialist equipment like the antigravity treadmill for weight loss can help you lose weight without overloading your joints.

Losing weight can improve pain if you have knee or hip osteoarthritis.

It is sometimes hard to imagine how that would feel when you are in so much pain.

Studies have shown that weight loss in osteoarthritis can put off the need for surgery.

This is fantastic. With exercise there is no post op complications such as infection, deep vein thrombosis, allergic reaction to anaesthetic or disruption internally to the joint.

To kick off the opening of our new rehabilitation centre in Barnstable we are offering 20 lucky clients the opportunity to discover life without pain.

This offer will include a full MOT. We will check your blood pressure, weight, heart rate, cardiovascular fitness, strength and functional capacity.

You will then have the opportunity to have a 30 minute session on our antigravity treadmill. This will give you an insight into your future.

Experience how it feels to weigh less. This is a great way to exercise with minimal pain so that we can formulate a plan for you to get in shape before Christmas.

All in the safe environment of our rehab centre.

There will be no intimidating men or women taking selfies. No loud blaring music. Just professional experts giving you the tools to change.

This would be perfect for people who may have lost confidence in their balance. With the Alter G treadmill you are secure in the treadmill, supported by shorts which means it’s extremely safe even for people who are very unsteady on their feet. We will build up gently to allow you to experience what walking, or running if you choose, feels like.

We can even put it up to 20% body weight which replicates what it would feel like to walk on the moon!

Movement of the joints and therefore increased movement of synovial fluid can reduce stiffness and pain. You also get the benefit of a serotonin boost which can help improve mood.

You will be supported at all times by Charted Physiotherapist he will make you feel safe and have confidence

in your body.

This package usually costs £159.99 however 20 lucky people can pick this up for just £69.99 when they book today.

What You Get

  • One hour consultation with a Chartered physiotherapist to analyse blood pressure, cardiovascular fitness, nutrition, exercise tolerance and an injury if you have one.
  • 3 x 30 minute session on the antigravity treadmill.
    Six-week program to help you reach your first weight loss goal.
  • You ready to start getting your confidence back and discovering how your body feels with less weight without putting pressure on your joints?

Why not send a message to 0333 567 0663 and Nicole will call you straight back or send an email to

Or secure your place by booking online here.