Christmas presents for difficult people!

Its that time of year again and lets face it it’s never easy to buy for someone who has everything!

Thats why at The Physio Crew we have the top 5 healthy treats to buy people this year!

1. A Myofascial Ball:

Myofascial balls are spikey balls that can be applied to soft tissue (muscles and fascia) to increase circulation which  helps to relax muscles. Great for using on tender areas in muscle, particular the back and a great visual prompt to complete your physio exercises during the day.(£10)

2. Foam Rollers.  

You may have seen athletes using these to increase circulation and facilitate stretches this can be a great tool to help stretch the back and mobilise soft tissue.(£10-40)

3. Massage: 

This can be a great gift. With pressure modified for the patients need and preference upper body or lower limb massage can help increase circulation in muscles but also give a welcomed relaxation from the christmas rush.(£40 for 40 minutes)

4. Physiotherapy Assessment.

Tired of hearing your other half moan about their shoulder pain? Why not treat them to a physiotherapy assessment to gain valuable advice and treatment to get them started? (Physiotherapy assessment: £40)

5. Balance Exercises:

Concerned that your parents are losing their balance and becoming unsteady? Why not treat your loved one to a course of fitness and balance exercises to give them guidance and advice on home exercises they can complete to keep them safe, mobile and maintain independence.  (£40)

6. Exercise bike.

Why not treat your loved one with an exercise bike? Ideally this can be positioned in the living room where they can use it once daily whilst watching their daily dose of Good morning/Eastenders. Not only will they feel better but it will help to reduce their risk of heart disease cancer and stroke too! Price vary but bike available from Argos, ebay, gum tree etc. (£50-£170)

The recumbent bike will be safer for older/less mobile patients