How can physio benefit rock climbers?

How can physio benefit rock climbers?

Rock climbing can put huge strain on the body.

One study examined the incidence, mechanisms and risk factors for injury in recreational and elite sport climbers and boulderers aged 11–19 years. (Woolings et al, 2015). Injuries can be frequent so it is important to have a reliable physiotherapist to hand. With experience of working with elite sports people and the psychological need to train, The Physio Crew understands the need to get back as quickly as possible.

The 4 most common injuries are listed below.

  • Muscle/tendon Sprain (26%)
  • Ligament Strains (27%)
  • Tendonitis (13%)
  • Joint swelling/inflammation (8%)


How can physio help?

Accurate assessment can help facilitate recovery by applying the right treatment at the right time. With experience working with elite international players The Physio Crew can apply this knowledge to manage your condition optimally. This may involve modifying training to allow time for the tissue to heal without dropping your fitness.

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