How To Relieve Neck Pain

How To Relieve Neck Pain

Pain In The Neck?

Do you get pains in your neck? Achy shoulders? Does your neck feel stiff? Are you struggling to sleep? Are you stressed and holding the tension in your neck/shoulders? Headaches? Are you suffering from other symptoms such as: tingling in fingers, numbness in arms and hands and general weakness?


If you answered yes to any of these symptoms, you are not alone!


Neck pain is one of the most common disabling conditions and it can have a large impact on individuals and their families, communities, healthcare systems and businesses.


Anatomy Of The Neck:

Your neck is comprised of 7 vertebrae also known as the cervical spine. The neck is a highly complex structure that involves muscles, ligaments and the spinal cord.

If there is injury or dysfunction to one of these structures, then common complaints mentioned above could occur.



Why Put Up With Neck Pain?!

Think how much you use your neck day to day. Neck pain can impact on simple task such as looking in your mirrors when driving and getting to sleep at night. Moreover, neck pain and the restriction that is commonly associated, can affect athletes sport performance as the body will not be moving at its optimum.   


Why See A Physiotherapist?

Chartered Physiotherapist have in-depth knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. At the Physio Crew we will be able to assess and your neck as well as other structures that contribute to neck pain. We will use evidence-based treatments to help you find relief from neck pain and aim to prevent it from reoccurring.

There are usually only 3 reasons that people don’t take action on resolving pain.

1. They are not sure if physio the right treatment and will successfully resolve their neck pain.

2. They are unsure of the company.

3. They don’t know the clinician.


Lets cover those briefly now. 

The sooner you make a decision to move forward with treatment the sooner you can start getting back to your normal hobbies and stop annoying your family when complaining about your pain. It’s ironic that when someone else is in pain we recommend getting help but when its ourselves we sit and wait and hope it will just ‘go away.’ Physiotherapy is a great way of resolving neck pain. Why not check out our testimonials to see how others have benefited?

Only just come across the company and not sure if The Physio Crew is the right company for you? The only physiotherapy clinic which is obsessed with pushing their staff to achieve true expertise and provide the most convenient service for clients. WE have a strong CPD program and have created a culture where we have high expectations. Not only do our clinicians spend significant time developing themselves outside of work but they have been chosen on their passion for helping people. Lastly, you can rest assured that the money you choose to spend with us helps us expand to more facilities, better equipment, better training for our staff and will be used to help thousands more within our local communities.

All our clinicians have their own instagram accounts and are involved in writing blogs to help you gain insight on their expertise. Why not check out our ‘about’ page and take some time to find out more about our clinicians.

Had enough time to think and want to relieve your neck pain today?

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Ellen And The Physio Crew Team