Concussion: FREE Base line testing

With an increased understanding of the long term effects of repeated concussions national guidelines are getting stricter. If you have any sign or symptom of a concussion then you are likely to be removed from play.

Scat testing allows us to see how you are normally at a baseline and compare you following any injury. This will help us to see whether you may have a concussion.

To promote our new clinic opening we are offering free SCAT baseline testing in December. This will take around 15 minutes and will involve co-ordination testing, balance testing and questioning. You will then be given a sheet with your score.

Nicole works with the Bristol Women’s rugby team who have a high level of international representative players and values the importance of getting this base line score as signs of concussion may be subtle. In some cases if baseline scores are the same this may reflect your return to play.


Free clinics will be run Tuesday 3.30-6pm and Wednesday 2.30-6pm.

Must  PRE Book as it usually is very busy.

Please email or call 0117 290 0242 today!