Why Sleep Matters

Why sleep matters

Now many people think I’m crazy for spending so much of my time focused on learning. 

“Just chill out” they say “Give it a rest” they advise.

The book that I’m listening to at the moment is one of the reasons I never stop trying to absorb knowledge from where ever I can. Utilising every second of precious time. 

Its the sort of book that transforms your thinking.

Every second you learn something that helps you understand the brain and implement simple changes to benefit your life. 

You may think I’m crazy but I have repeatedly had conversations with my speaker system 

“That is so clever!” “Why have I never listened to this book before!”

So my mission is to get this message out to the world. 

Now before you read this and think I’m preaching doom and gloom look at it more closely. 

This is giving you one bit of advice to follow that could change your life forever.

You need 8 hours sleep and you need to do everything possible to facilitate 8 hours sleep. If you cant do this on your own you need to find a sleep specialist. Not someone down the road who did a 6 week course. A medically trained SLEEP SPECIALIST.

But first you need to understand why and what you can do yourself to start your journey on a road to better health.

Sleep Truths

Sleep deprivation has strong links to mental health and psychiatric conditions.

Sleep deprivation has strong links to heart disease, cancer and stroke.

Chronic sleep deprivation ( missing just a few hours sleep per night) can increase your risk of micro sleeps whilst driving and cause devastating accidents

Fatigue related accidents on the road outweigh those of drinking and drugs road traffic accidents combined.

Sleep deprivation following learning destroys your ability to retain information/form memories.

Your brain has a system to remove proteins in the brain. Sleep deprivation can result in a build up of these proteins that have been shown to be present in Alzheimer’s. 


Myths around sleep

Missing 2 hours of sleep a night ( Getting 6 hours rather than 8 hours) is not harmful to your health.

Missing a few hours a night won’t affect you concentration or cognitive function.

You need less sleep as you get older

You can ‘catch up on sleep’ by sleeping longer at the weekends. 

I can drink de car and that won’t affect my sleep.

This book will blow your mind. You need to read/ listen to it. It’ll be the best investment you make this year and will help you understand how it affects you, your children and your colleagues. 

Sleep Health

Do not use screens 30-60 minutes before bed.

Be sure to exposure yourself to natural light.

Take regular exercise

Avoid caffeine and nicotine following late afternoon.

Limiting day time naps to 30 minutes.

Make sure the bed time environment is relaxing.  i.e. quiet/ uninterrupted

Cognitive behavioural therapy exercises


You can see the link to the book here…




So get your health sorted by sleep 8 hours per night. Not 6 or 7 . EIGHT HOURS!


Speak soon.