What Stretches, Exercises, Diet Supplements Will Help Ankle Tendons/Ligaments?

What Stretches, Exercises, Diet Supplements Will Help Ankle Tendons / Ligaments?


What is the best way to treat ankle tendons and ligament injuries?


This came through as an #asknicole question but I thought it would be helpful to write it up as a blog. 


Now the first thing to say is you need to know which structure is affected. For some reasons when people look at a car they understand the complexities that there are many parts that can be affected. When people look at the skin they often don’t appreciate the number of ligaments, bones muscles and tendons. Its complex but it doesn’t have to be complicated! 

Stretches And Exercises To Strengthen Ankle Tendons


The stretches and exercises depend on what we are trying to achieve. Is there poor balance, poor proprioception, ligament laxity, tendinopathy? People can become very frustrated if they are not getting results. 


The foot is a difficult place to have an injury as its affects everything. Its very difficult to rest fully and there are so many variables it is difficult for people to control all the different aspects that may be contributing to delayed recovery


In terms of diet supplements I certainly wouldn’t recommend anything


In my (humble) opinion people are looking for the shortcuts. Let me save you some heart ache. There are no shortcuts. Stop looking for them and face up to the fact that bodies get injured and you’re going to have to learn the skills and knowledge to recover. The honest truth is you’re going to need to spend some money to get access to a professional who can educate you (or do a degree in physio yourself and work for years to get the necessary experience) or you could use Dr Google and guess. You may be successful but it may take some time. 

Need Help To Treat Ankle Tendons?


Or look to seek help from a professional. You are then going to have to commit energy and focus and follow advice. Unless you are ready to do this don’t waste your money. 

To summarise 

  1. Clear diagnosis so you are actually doing a treatment thats relevant. No point strengthening tib post if this isn’t weak and its tight and increasing your risk of inversion injuries due to weakness of the peroneals. 
  1. Focus on balance and proprioception exercises
  2. Strengthening exercises based on clinical findings
  3. Taping if needed
  4. No supplements
  5. If you choose to seek help fully commit


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Nicole And The Physio Crew Team