What Does It Mean To Be A Chartered Physiotherapist?

What Does It Mean To Be A Chartered Physiotherapist?


A Chartered Physiotherapist is someone who has done significant training to allow themselves to be registered under the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. For this you need an equivalent of a 3-4 year degree or a masters conversion from another under graduate degree.


In a world with incredible choice and opportunity it’s important that you understand the qualifications of the person treating you. You wouldn’t allow someone to fix your  car brakes if they’d only had a 6 week course (hopefully not) ?


The problem arises when people casually call themselves a ‘physio’ without this qualifications. which happens a lot! It often happens that the patient assumes and the therapist doesn’t want to correct them as it can feel socially awkward.


When working in Premiership rugby I often got referred to as ‘Doc’ and I was quick to explain I was not a doctor. For a team player or lay person the differences between Osteo, Chiros and physios or doctors can be difficult to understand but we all have our own method of treating, subconscious bias’ and we need to understand our roles and remain professional.


Each have their role and it’s important not to lump everyone together because you may miss opportunities with treatment. Often people will say to me ” I’ve had Chiro and that didn’t work so physio won’t work for me.” It is important not to judge one practitioner or method as you will only know if it is right by trying and fully engaging in the process.


I have had lots of people who have had previous treatment who have improved with our treatment when other manual therapy such as Chiro/ Osteopathy and massage therapy had failed. This may be because of a physios experience in hospital, it may be a different way problem solving skills are taught on different courses but I actually believe its based on the clinician.


An attitude of a clinician is very important. Thats why we employ young enthusiastic physios and therapists before they have developed bad habits! We look to create a culture where the patient is put first and we have a commitment to professional development so that we can serve you at the highest possible level.


Chartered Physiotherapists are professionals. That combined with a business culture that supports learning, pushes their staff and go above and beyond for their patients and you have a recipe for a business that can make a truly positive impact on the local community.


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