The Top 5 Injuries Common In Dog Owners

The Top 5 Injuries Common In Dog Owners

I thought I’d do this article on the top ten injuries common in dog owners.

Now although dog owners tend to be healthier, report increased happiness and are less likely to get, heart disease, cancer or stroke that are also some downsides.
Unfortunately our furry friends can also cause us a few injuries. Here’s my top 5 from my experience in clinic.

Number 1 : Fractured Leg

Unfortunately an overzealous puppy, particularly those larger breeds such as Rottweiler or Dalmatian can get slightly overexcited when acquainting themselves with the new owner. I have had patients who have broken legs when puppies have lost control and crashed into them. It is important that if you are a woman and over 50 you take care to prevent osteoporosis.
This can be as simple as a few strength-based exercises every day.
It is also helpful to take care when walking them I’m be strict with your training.
Although exercising them in large spaces can help reduce their energy stay alert in case they come hurtling towards you and be ready to move out the way.

Number 2: Foot Injuries

As you all aware dogs require lots of walking. Don’t be tempted to walk in flip-flops or cheap wellies. Choose supportive footwear to reduce your risk of repetitive strain injuries such as Achilles tendinopathy or plantar fasciosis. Unfortunately these foot injuries can be very debilitating and frustrating.
Leaving you stood in the middle of the field throwing a ball rather than enjoying the countryside.

Number 3 : Rotator Cuff Tear

The constant pulling on leads from strong dogs can cause shoulder pain. The repetitive nature can often make it difficult for us to hold the lead or control the dog with every jolt shooting pain up to neck or down the arm.
Training for the dog to remove the aggravating factor (constant pulling) can help ease symptoms. Stretches and heat can also be beneficial.

Number 4 : Slipping On A Bank

This injury is extremely common. Usually caused by the dog being distracted by something exciting-perhaps a bird or a squirrel – before you know it you’re sat, soaked through to your trousers on your bum struggling to get up.
Unfortunately the most common injuries from these slips are ankle fractures, ankle sprains, wrist fractures, coccyx pain, and a bruised ego.
Be aware of your surroundings on your walk. Do a mini risk assessment and avoid leaves or morning dew on steep banks.

Number 5 : Slipping On Wet Tiles.

If any of you have spaniels you’ll be familiar with No5.
Whether it’s a small pool by the back door dripping off from their wet bodies or dribbles from their water bowl slips trips are common when spaniels are around.
When you slip and lose your footing take that as a warning.
Most people have had three warning signs before they actually fall to the floor. They often say to me “I knew that was gonna happen.”
So there you have it the top five injuries that I see in dog owners. Be sure to take care when out and about with your dog.
Nicole and The Physio Crew Team