So Lets Get Started!

The more you know about the company the better so here's a really easy way to access all the information.

Remember, I don't expect to know you everything at once! The Physio Crew is in it's infancy so we're not perfect! You will have influence to mould the future. There will be things that change and you need to learn to be adaptable.

This will help you as a clinician as well as an in other areas of life.

It takes time and trust me I've made a LOT of mistakes so I understand what it's like.

Use the online portal to answer any questions you may have and or ask in the whatsapp group.

We promote a learning/ self development culture.

I am available on my mobile at any time 07972 647473. For technical questions always check help articles first but if not able to solve the problem, then call. For patient discussions, clinical stuff I am happy to be called even if at 9pm at night.

If in doubt always call me 🙂


To empower every person on earth to understand their body and discover opportunities beyond pain, injury or disability.



To provide resources and services that change peoples lives and help them discover life without pain.





Never Settle For Anything Less Than Excellence

Evidence Based

Human Connection

Patient Focused

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