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Grant Cardone

Love him or hate him he knows his stuff.

Sales is one of the best skills I have learned as a clinician.

Despite 'sales' being considered a dirty word in truth every body is a sales person.

Our job is 100% selling.

How do we motivate/sell to somebody ?

Whether we are selling healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking, sleep habits, weight loss, exercise programs or compliance with treatments we are fundamentally selling.

If you think this course won't make you a better clinician you are wrong 🙂

This man has changed my mindset to understand the way the economy truly works and how to achieve greatness. If we want to build rehab centres, have state of the art equipment, take 3 months off to open voluntary projects abroad, help be involved in research then we need money to do that.

What better way to create this income than by helping people in the first place?

I feel very strongly about conscious capitalism.

Commitment and disciplines are skills. It is a simple as you making a choice.

So choose to make a real difference.

Choose to commit 15 minutes a day ( 6 segments) of this every day and started applying this stuff and achieving better results with your patients but also applying it to boost your income so that you can strive towards achieving financial freedom.

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