Welcome To The Physio Crew

This training area is design to help you develop the habits and mindset of clinical excellence. Hopefully through your induction it should answer any questions you may have too.

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Before you get started remember this...

Everything in your life is happening BECAUSE of you not TO you.

I am known for speaking hard truths so here comes the first one!

You have the opportunity to super charge your effort and energy into achieving greatness and changing hundreds of patient's lives. We are in a privileged positioned that we have the knowledge and skills to have a meaningful impact on the world. Your dedication and commitment to learning your craft and then pushing it out there so the world actually KNOWS about it will be determined by the actions you take.

Your income will be a direct reflection of your ability to give exceptional service, dedicate time and money to learning and developing AND market that to the world.

The Physio Crew is different, when you start pushing yourself out of your comfort zone its going to feel uncomfortable. Like the the lobster analogy.

There will be people who join The Physio Crew who won't want to do the work. Like the athletes who want to be first but don't do the extra sessions in the gym, drink alcohol at the weekend or eat pizza! Unfortunately these athletes with always be outperformed by the smarter athlete who understands to be the best there must be sacrifice. The Physio Crew is not for 'average clinicians.'

But an average clinician will never become at 60K+ earner with the freedom to invest and make passive income. The average clinician won't be able to give the level or care, attention or expertise that we will. And lastly, the average clinician won't be proud of their achievements or get the fulfilment that comes when fulfilling our potential.

If you have made it this far I see your potential.

Now it is up to you to start putting some logs on that fire and watching it grow.

In the beginning it can feel overwhelming with so much to learn.

Get consistent habits, dedicate time to training daily and I look forward to seeing you progress in the future.

Welcome to The Physio Crew !

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