The Importance Of Being Listened To

The Importance Of Being Listened To

A common compliant I hear from patients is that they don’t feel anyone has truly listened to their story.

There is good evidence to show that if you allow a patient to talk they will give you most of the information you need and then you can guide further into the conversation if anything is missed. Some studies have shown that GP’s cut their patients off sometimes within just a few seconds!

Many patients don’t understand the value of the subjective part of the assessment. Thats the talking bit. It is by far the most important way to give us cues as to what structure have been affected.

The thing is… people are not machines. As individuals their story is important.

You need to understand their fears they dreams. Rehabilitation for some dying of cancer, chasing an Olympic dream and facing life changing trauma such as an amputation or spinal cord injury will need to treated very differently. It is important to understand their goals and not assume.

It is easy for a doctor or therapist ( with the best intention in the world) to assume the patients share their own values and therefore formulate incorrect goals.

When we treat patients we try to get to know the individual. Whether they are a busy working parent, whether they can only manage one set of exercises a day vs the athlete who knows that exercises 3-4 x a day will speed up their recovery.

If someone is nervous sometimes the treatment is to help to break down false beliefs that are holding them back and support them to the next step.

Do you feel your story has been listen to?

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