The Best Physio In Barnstaple

The Best Physio In Barnstaple

The best physio in Barnstaple is a bold statement but, with an eye for business (and SEO) I felt obligated to tell you why you should choose us. 

Stick with me.

When I first started my training ( 12 years ago!) I knew that I wanted to help as many people as I could. Whether this be through rehabilitation, emotional support, education on how to recovery from injury, manage pain or even by helping people play the 6 nations final (this was one of my proudest moments).

Through the 4 years The Physio Crew has been established there has been many challenges and keeping a clear vision of making a difference and helping people has continued to spur us on. 

We have built this business or trying to look after people and delivery a service that they truly want. Previous patients have helped shape our business through feedback which has helped us learn the importance of convenient locations, free parking and high quality staff. 

Barnstaple was my newest challenge. I had always dreamed of living by the sea and immediately after moving I was walking on the beach every morning with my cocker spaniels, completing a little beach clean and enjoy the sea breeze. North Devon has to be one of the nicest places to live and its friendly locals made me feel instantly relaxed. 

It already has a good support system of walking groups and people who invest in their health, choosing a healthier lifestyle to help keep them protected from disease. 

I first came across Absolute Training and Nutrition in Pottington Business Park by mistake. I had been looking at buying a local business and had been weighing up the options of how I could make it grow. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the numbers work and I decided I would have to curb my expansion and take the slower approach. However hard the decision was to walk away from it I am glad I did.  After meeting Wayne at Absolute however I felt inspired. 

Here was fantastic facility with friendly, caring staff who shared The Physio Crew Values. A perfect person to partner with. 

As I began to build the list I tried to think of ‘What would the best physio in Barnstaple do?’ and tried to implement that into the newest addition to The Physio crew family. 

Of course money is always tight when starting a new business and I wanted to give people the biggest benefit for competitive rates. 

I took out my notepad and started jotting ideas down. 

What would the best physio in Barnstaple do?

I am going to share with you the ideas I had.

The best physio is Barnstaple would…

  1. High quality committed staff- this was given and has always been something we have pursued at The Physio Crew. I know that there is no one more committed to my business or my patients as me so this was going to be an easy one to check off!!
  2. Accessibility: Evening and weekends for people who work and have families.
  3. Free, easy parking- I wanted some where with great accessibility. No steps, no barriers for people with ability tissue. We even have a door that can be widened for wheelchair users!
  4. Professional, expert advice. I wanted us to gain a reputation of giving expert, honest advice knowing that word of mouth would spread like wild fire when people knew we were the go to people to help them resolve pain quickly and so people understand about their condition. 
  5. Thoughtful extras. I wanted the experience to be amazing. Free ‘posh’ hot drinks that patients could help themselves whilst they waited in a friendly atmosphere. Staff that greeted them with smiles and got to know them by name. Instagram, Facebook lives and you tube information to give you quick wins and education on injuries and their management. 
  6. For people to be part of a bigger dream. I am alway searching for my ‘ideal customers.’ These are the people that share The Physio crew values. The ones that understand it take commitment to change their behaviour and to help resolve injury. This could be changing their mindset, committing to 5 minutes of exercise per day or even adjusting training load to avoid picking up niggles.  The people that care that their money supports a business that is dedicated to building more support networks to help more people. Our clients are the ones that don’t throw their McDonalds bags out onto country roads, pick up a stray can when it makes it to the beach and stops to help an elderly person who is struggling with their shopping. Our clients respect their environment and others and help other people to also discover life without pain.

So I ask you…

What are you values? 

Do they match ours?

Because really it doesn’t come down to THE best Physio in Barnstaple. 

It comes down to who is the best physio for YOU in Barnstaple?

Who will you connect with? Who will you listen to?

Who will you take advice from and complete exercises because you don’t want to let them down? 

Physio are like hairdressers. Its very personal.  


So if you are looking for a straight talking, honest physio with experience treating international rugby players then please click on the link below and come and see if I can help you. 



01271 594 001

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