Importance Of Strength Training In Injury…

Importance Of Strength Training In Injury Recovering Program And In Improving Of Daily Life Quality

Strength training is important in all injury rehabilitation. Let me explain why…


Can Strengthening Exercise Can Help In Injury Recovery?

Yes! Even a 4 week exercise program has significant impact on rehabbing from many injuries.

An appropriate program can improve balance and therefore contribute in fall prevention. Its great for both young athletes and the elderly population. So whether you’re a weekend warrior or looking to maintain independence at home you need to read this!

Numerous research studies have revealed that many injuries can be caused due to lack of muscle strength, so be sure that your muscles are well prepared for action.

One of the most common injuries is an ankle injury and one of the latest clinical trials proved that implementing strength training enhance movement efficiency, overall functioning and boosts our mood.


Is Strengthening Program Good For Me?

Strength training is a one of the main components of an injury recovery program and can be applied even few days after an injury! Get individual advice by a qualified healthcare professional but recent studies advise to begin weight bearing as soon as possible and make a step in the right direction!


Regardless of your age, the right tailored activity will provide you many physical benefits, but also boost your energy, increase independent and help you enjoy your later life!


If you are active in your life and do sport regularly, strengthening and conditioning is perfect for you! There is strong evidence that appropriate conditioning will help you achieving better results in shorter time in a safe way without injuries even in sports like cycling, running or swimming!


What Evidence Supports Strengthening Exercises In Enhancing Quality Of Life?

Kwok et al (2019) suggest that weight training has major effect on motor function and can reduce depressing feelings often associated with severe dysfunctions.

Findings of Wang et al (2017) reveal that exercise program effectively reduce risk of fall in elderly population and thereby can provide independence for your loved ones.


How Can I Start Exercise?

You can start your program today, you do not need any special equipment to begin, the most important fact is to be sure that you have chosen training that suits you individually, do correct technique and sustain in correct posture while you performing exercise! Ask your healthcare professional for the best way to get started. Or book in for your complimentary discovery call.

An investment in your health is something you need to make a priority. Whether its healthy eating, a walk a day of giving up smoking. Take control and make the change. People think it won’t happen to them… until it does.

Nicole’s passion is to help people understand an investment in their health is the best anyone can make. After seeing so many people with life changing conditions such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease she wants to impact people way before these devastating problems occur.

Lets change the modifiable risk factors and get you strong, improve your self esteem, reduce your risk of falls and help you stay on the pitch and minimise your risk of injury.

If you care about your health or your loved ones, why don`t you contact us, so we can help you achieve your goals efficiently in a safe way!


Lukasz and The Physio Crew Team



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