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Sports Physio North Devon : Where Can You Get Help?

You probably found this page because you’re searching for ‘sports physio North Devon.’

You are in the right place.

The Physio Crew is led by Nicole Crewe who you may recognise from some of her local facebook live videos.

Nicole and her team are passionate about helping you discover life without pain and rewriting your story following life changing trauma.

Why Choose Sports Physio In North Devon?

Sports physio is a specialist approach to assessing pain or injury. You don’t need to be an athlete or compete in sport to benefit.

A sports physio approach focuses on helping the patient be able to cope with the load and go back to the activities they love.

For some people that will be walking the dog, for others simply getting up from a chair. These goals can be equally important for the individual as competing in the Paralympics or in a ultramarathon event.

The skill of a sports physio is taking their knowledge of getting people to a high standard and applying that to any individual.

Working in elite sport you learn that resilience in preventing the injury is a key.


The Physio Crew Rehabilitation Centre Based In North Devon

At The Physio Crew we use a specialist sports physio approach combined with elite and specialist equipment to facilitate the healing process and help people identify clear plan to recovery.

Many would have heard the quote if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.

Our experts will help you to change the resilience of your tissue to relieve pain and regain function.

To see whether we are the right sports physio in North Devon why not book a free discovery call?   This call is designed to help you plan your recovery and identify any holes you may not be aware of.

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