Running Workshop: Common Injuries In Runner’s And How To Avoid Them.

Running Workshop: Common Injuries In Runner’s And How To Avoid Them.

Thank you to everyone who attended at the weekend. It was a great success and lovely to meet so many friendly, dedicated runners! There is a fantastic community in Devon with supportive groups and if you are not a member of a running group I urge you to check out facebook and find one near you!

I had allocated 20 places thinking a few wouldn’t show up but we had a full house! We had also maxed out on the first workshop and therefore ran the second straight after at 12.45pm. A few people got lost so if you are thinking of joining us at the next one we are located next to Devonshire Motors and opposite Howdens ( the post code takes you near to Screw Fix around the corner).

We started the workshop getting to know everyone a bit and finding out what people were interested in. There was a range of reasons but were interested in the workshop but many had injuries themselves and were looking for advice on these.


Achilles Tendinopathy

Often confused with achilles tendonitis (which is usually inflammation of the tendon sheath not the tendon itself) this common injury presents its self with pain on the achilles tendon. It can either affect the tendon on its insertion ( where it attaches to the calcaneus) on in the mid portion of the achilles.  It is important to differentiate between the two because the exercises are different and exercises given to mid portion achilles tendinopathy will often aggravated achilles insertional tendinopathy.

It was then time for a quick anatomy lesson where we explained that the tendon of soleus and gastroc blend together to form the achilles. I drew a rather awful drawing of the tendon’s structure at a molecular level. We discovered how protoglycans take on water and thats what causes the tendon to look bigger. How collagen begins to lay down in a disorganised fashion if overloaded and how holes in the matrix can form.

From this we discussed case studies and how people with achilles problems often ignore them for a year or so because they can run through the discomfort. Until it becomes too much and then they stop completely. Even when they rest it does not improve. Thats because the tendon NEEDS load. Gentle, progressive load over a period of time to build up the strength in  a graduated way.

We discussed treatments that work and don’t work for achilles tendinopathy/tendonitis and the importance of progressing to plyometric exercises as the tendon achieves more.


Patellofemoral pain syndrome/ ITB

I discussed different knee injuries in each work shop to tailor it to the group. Patello femoral pain syndrome is where the soft tissue under the patella ( kneecap) gets irritated due to muscle imbalance and tightness around the knee. I explained that excess quad stretching had been proven to make this sort of pain worse. Strengthening is important.

We discussed the myths around ITB and how this strong connective tissue cannot be stretched and in reality we are more likely to be stretching the TFL muscle that attaches the ITB proximally. The pain from ITB syndrome is likely to be caused by a compressive load and therefore we focus our energies on optimising lower limb kinetic chain and hip function.


Hip problems in runners

We discussed hip trochanteric bursitis and how this is over diagnosed and often this is a glut med tendinopathy. Again, this is important because we treat them differently with different exercises and electrotherapy.


The Practical Aspect

We then broke down the lower limb kinetic chain and taught attendees how the knee should line up between the 2nd-3rd toe. There were a lot of poor examples so lots to work on in the group. we went through a basic warm up including dynamic stretches and I referenced the PEP program as a great resource for thorough warm ups and strength and conditioning to minimise risk of injury.

I will try and put the exercises on to instagram in the next week. Please follow us here

I hope you all enjoyed it and hope that we will see you again soon. I will be running lots of different workshops. To see those coming soon please click here.


Speak soon.


Nicole Jones

The Physio Crew