Physiotherapy For Headaches

Physiotherapy for Headaches

At The Physio Crew we give free advice for people with headaches.
Headaches can be extremely scary and debilitating, particularly severe ones.
Sudden onset of an extreme head with nil prior migraines can sometimes be serious and you should ring 111 or attend A and E depending on the severity. Be sure to check the FAST principle (Has their face dropped? Can they lift their arm above their head? Is their speech slurred? If answering yes to these question please call 999 as the person may be experiencing a stroke).

If you have ongoing headaches sometimes physiotherapy can help.

Headaches can be caused from problems in the cervical spine (neck). This can be due to posture, too many pillows, work related repetitive movements or head posture during long drives. Although the pain is felt in the head when we investigate more thoroughly we can see that it is referred. A classic clue that this is happening is if you push the upper trap muscle ( top of shoulder) and pain travels up towards the head it may be referred pain. Referred pain is where the pain is felt in a different location than we think.

Muscles, joints and stress are the main causes of headaches and physiotherapy can help with all of these. 

Sometimes people can feel immediate relief and my favourite treatment for cervicogenic headaches is what I call the headache mob. I have had people who have experienced months of headaches which were significantly reduced immediately after this.

Other treatments for headaches include trigger point release, taping, joint mobilisations, posture re-education, acupuncture and soft tissue massage.

Did you know the average person comes to see us for 4-5 sessions? Some injuries or pains can be treated much quicker but until you are assessed its difficult to tell and depends on how long you have had the injury.


The longer you ignore it the harder it is for us to sort  out because you start to compensate and cause other problems. For some reason with headaches people often leave it up to a year before they seek help!Many people worry about the cost of physiotherapy but we offer competitive rates of just £45 for an assessment and £40 for a follow up. How much are you losing by not working or working at 50% capacity? Headaches often cause sick days because they can be so debilitating and they are an invisible illness so its hard for your colleagues, boss, friends and family to understand.

They can leave you irritable and short with the ones you love. 


When choosing your physiotherapist you need to consider the following things…

  • Are they a small business and give personal service ?
  • Will they listen to your story and give professional, accurate advice?
  • Are their staff friendly and knowledgeable?


If those are the qualities you look for then we are the company for you. Our values are to help you become independent quickly and help you to over come challenges with our support ( rather than make you reliant on us with endless sessions). We are very hands on but teach you exercises so you can help yourself get better too. Any one who promises they can fix you without any work on your part is lying! So if you feel we are the right fit for you why not give us a call (0117 290 0242) or email for any obligation chat to see whether we can help.
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